Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fantastic Fashion Giveaway!!

All weekend long starting now, my raffle ball will give away 1 new fashion every 20 minutes. Its located just past the TP location in a big spinning ball. The raffle is joined by a left click (touch) no money required to enter. This will run all weekend long! You must rejoin for each new raffle. You may roam around within 95m of ball. All I please be curteous to eachother :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

New Fashions Coming Today @ Awesome Designs!!

Good afternoon :) Im excited that today there will be three new releases to Awesome Designs. I have to get them packaged up which will take at least an hour and I will send out group notices as soon as they are ready!! "Symphony" Named for a beautiful and cool fashion lover is a long dress that has a sheer mesh on the front and sleeves of the arms. The waist tie and sheer prim sleeves are optional and the skirt has 2 layers with a soft flowing & gorgeous look. I do love this dress and it comes in 9 great colors! "Glow Dust BabyDoll" & "Sensual Desires" are two new additions to the lingerie section which I must admit is very low on designs and Im going to be adding new lingerie styles more often. Im a dress freak and could make dresses all day long...Thanks for reading and please check out the picture below. I always appreciate hearing what you think and what you'd like to see from Awesome Designs.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New fashions In Yesterday November 27th. There are 15 colors of my new plush sweater sets and 5 pairs of corduroy Pants that show off all your curves with an AWESOME belt buckle and snug fit. The plush sweaters come with prim sleeve cuffs and a flexi scarf to match. This is the perfect look for this time of year. Warm and snuggly and sexy at the same time! Brrrrr I live in the NW USA and cold rain is what we are having outside. The other set that Ive been working on is "Check Mate" The top is strapless but has optional sleeves. It comes with a really cute & full flexi skirt and pants too. Its nice having the kids in school because Im getting more done and I love it! Thank you for checking out my newest work and have a safe week :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Awesome Designs For your Christmas Season!

Its that special time of the year when we are thankful for our friends & family and celebrate the Christmas / New year ahead. This year has been tough for me personally and Im looking forward to 2008 and hoping for some happy & healthy times. I look forward to spending Christmas with my husband and four children. It really is my favorite time of the year! Ive made 5 full sets for this Christmas that are fun, festive, & flirty. You can get the super pack or pick them up individually. They will be in the store by 11 p.m. (2300) SL time. I really enjoyed making these and LOVE wearing them and I hope you do too!

A little update...

The "Charming" Dresses are on display now and the christmas stuff is almost done!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Trouble with my pc so the new stuff is not on display nor can I log in to SL. Im staying up til I get this fixed. If you've sent me a customer service NC I will take care of it as soon as I can. Thank you.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New fashion Release coming to Awesome Designs tonight!

Often I will say my new design is my favorite but I think I mean it when I say that "Charming" Is my favorite new formal. I love the colors, the cut, and the versatility of this dress. This dress can be worn with the fitted full length or the flex gown. The gown has an extra layer of lace that matches up with the floral trim to the gloves and Base top. The base top is an optionl sleeved camisole for an optional added softness and extra coverage for those who wish to show a little less. I made some sculpted slippers that are included in the pack for your convenience and optional. You will shine when you walk into the room in this timeless beauty. Elegance is achieved no matter how you wear it. My color pick for this set is the pecan. I love al of the colors and there are 15 to choose from PLUS...the money saving packs! Please stop in later to view this new design.

Ive had a difficult time getting photoshop reinstalled after a very hard crash and so my christmas sets are only half done but I will hopefully have them out by Friday. You will love them ladies and there is something for everyone...something classy, seomthing sexy, and something fun!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

NEW Releases to Awesome Designs are coming today!

Good Morning, at least for me its morning at noon after Ive worked all night to get my new designs out to you! I use to work night shifts when I worked at the hospital so ... I just tend to still be in work mode at night and my kids are all asleep then so it gives me complete me time without interruptions. The new fashions include the "Bouquet Bikini" and "Allure" The party dress. The bikini's have that sexy wrap around style, a thong panty, short shorts, and matching flip flop sandals. It comes in 7 color variations and will be out on display by this afternoon.

There is one way to tell when I really am loving a design...I can't stop at just 6-8 colors and I end up making ... oh say...19! I added some new muted hues like pecan, slate blue, ocean breeze, and sage. Then you have your basic necessities like black, red, pink, and the list goes on! This dress comes with the fitted style dress, sheer matching hose, and the fur trim. You can also wear this dress without the trim, but I think the trim is a must ;) Please stop in and check out these new designs!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Brand New Release @ Awesome Designs!

"Provocative" Just in and very sexy! The bikini Style top is a wrap around. Lace camisole and tattoo are both on jacket and underwear layer for versatility. The Booty shorts are lowrise double for the sheer prim skirt base. Thigh high tights are included :) I'd wear this hot set to the beach, the club, the mall, or a date with someone special. $225L singles or discounted pack options. Have a safe & fun weekend!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Fashions @ Awesome Designs!

I Love Sexy Fashion and all of my new designs are HOT!
Check out the pic below to see the clothes all being sold as seperates so that you can mix & match as you like! I have put together some packs for the "Sexy" Sets and there is a free Knit Turtleneck in Latte on the display for you :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Formal Fashions & NEW Free Gift!!

Tis the dress up like a pumpkin! At least wear something vibrantly orange. Perfect timing is "Eternity" that comes in 11 Colors total. These AWESOME sets come with 3 flexi styles for the dress for variation of length and fullness, Semi Sheer Formal Dress top that buttons criss-cross style in the back and has a shiny belt, Floral Lace and semi-sheer gloves, and two cute bows; one for your hair and one for your waist! You can thank my insomnia and 18 hours of steady work for the new free Halloween Gift!

I use to work nights when I was working at the hospital. Holidays were always fun and I always got stuck working new years eve and Christmas Day. Every new years the charge nurse or other nurses would pass out the funny hats...well my floor was medical/oncology. We always had more medical than oncology and the average age population was probably around 80. Some of these cute patients you had to convince them that they were sick but dont even go in the confused patients room with a funny can imagine :) I really miss my little old people and making them smile. Especially I miss when they made me smile with their stories or just the odd things they did when they were confused. Like...pulling lines and coming into the hall naked and bleeding, or finger painting with #2 (Code Brown), or the countless hundreds of times running down the hall when a bed alarm goes off! I dont miss calling doctors in the middle of the night or trying to read their handwriting!

Please come by and check out the new stuff and pick up your FREE GIFT!! (Pics Below)

My Favorites are... Bubblegum, Black, Red, & Baby Blue!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Awesome Elegance "ANGEL" New @ Awesome Designs!

Halloween and the Autumn season comes only once a year and during this time I find myself loving the fall colors of orange, deep reds, & green. While orange and green may not be everyones favorite, they certainly are the favorite of many. I enjoyed making and wearing this dress so much that when I went to color it I couldn't stop at 8 colors and I made 14! EVERY color is somebody's favorite color! I try to always remember that when I make clothing. This dress has lovely movement when you walk across the room or dance in his arms. There are 2 gowns included, each with a varied fullness. This dress is $300L and can be bought in singles, 50% off the Super Pack, or a discounted Sweet, Saucy, Autumn, Or Red/Black Duo Pack (Shown Below). Also I have no problem making you a special pack at the pack price. Say you really just want the peach and blue for the price of the Duo Pack...Just write this info on a notecard and send it to me (Include your name, How many, What Colors). My favorites for this set are the Deep Red, Green, Mocha, & Eggplant. I love them all though! More Elegance to come from Awesome Designs this coming week!! Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Halloween Costumes NEW

New @ Awesome Designs are the Tinkerbell and Angel Costumes. Two Sweet looks for your holiday fun. $250L each.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New fashion UPDATE @ Awesome Designs!! SALE ON STORE CARDS TOO@

I love the new stuff and I hope you do too!

STORE CARDS ARE ON SALE! This means that you can save up to 50% on everything! Your card wont expire and you can spend it like cash!!

Pay $200L/$250L Store Credit
Pay $400L/$500L Store Credit
Pay $800L/$1000L Store Credit
**Pay $2500L/$5000L Store Credit** (50%)

Its a big sale and there wont be one like this for a while.

The sale ENDS Sunday @ 11:59pm
(Unless I forget LOL)

Kiosk is located Right of the landing space :)

See you soon and THANK YOU for shopping at Awesome Designs!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Coming VERY Soon To Awesome Designs!! There are a bunch of colors for these three AWESOME Sets!! Which do you want to see released first? Ill be checking :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Maria" named for my beautiful daughter!

"Maria" Is brand new and will hit the displays this evening as soon as I get it all packaged up! Its Elegant Pearl trim has been carefully placed one by one :)

This lovely dress is strapless and has optional gloves and waist sash. The Formal Dress is Long and Soft and the Shorter Flexi Skirt Is decorated with tiny beads and is perfect for showing off your sexy legs. This ensamble can be bought in single colors (11), But also has 4 Pack Variations as shown below. The Super Pack (50% off individually buying all), The Saucy and Sweet packs, and The Autumn Pack for those must have seasonal colors!

I'm excited to see some results from the polls. So far you ladies seem to want more mini skirts! Im going to be adding all things from the poll as time allows me to work. I feel like Im just inching along when the sets take 2-3 days each. I do love making them and thank you for wearing them!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fashion Update: "Lily"

"Lily" Is brand new and named after my 5 year old daughter Lily. She loves miniskirts and dresses. She helped pick out the colors for this very sexy set. Tights and a waist tie are included with this strapless dress. You can get single colors, saucy, sweet, and a super pack which saves you 50%!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A BIG & HUGE Update for Awesome Designs!!

Ive been so so busy creating lately and have not updated here in a couple weeks! The newest update is shown first. "Striking Beauty" has 9 sweater tops (Peach not shown) ooops. there are matching camisoles made from a delicate lace and 5 different shades for the pants. Its casual and it magnifies your beauty while not being over the top sexy! All available in single pieces or a money saving pack!

Speaking of Over the top SEXY are the "Sensual" tanks in 24 packs. With nipple shading or in the knit tank without nipple shading. These are a new popular seller and available in singles too if you just want a couple colors!

Ya Ya Im totally an 80's kid and this funky set reminds me of the late 80s! The partially zipped top & pants in "Zipped Up" are ultra sexy. This set I made in 14 colors and they are available by the pack or by the colored set. You can also get the 14 tops in a pack by themselves since they go AWESOME with your favorite pair of jeans!

"Shiny Reflections" is a great sexy value! If you dance in SL, then you need this pack! These tassles are flexi and move with you. Win that BEST IN WHATEVER contest with my favorite new skimpy set!!

"BUCKLED" Is the perfect set if you wanna be a little sexy and a little sweet. It comes with the buckle belted top, glitch pants & Flexi Skirt. the prim belt is color change by a touch menu system! I boxed the tops with 4 extra tops to make 14 in a pack alone for those who wish to just get the tops!! Value & Quality is what you'll always find @ Awesome Isle!

This is just one of a few bra & panty sets I made at low prices for all colors. They are no transfer because if this but YOU get a great price!

At Awesome Designs I dont want any violence or BS in my store. Liars, Griefers, Group Spammers, and jerks will be banned. You just would not believe all of the crap that I hear about and find out about. It sucks to have to be the b**** sometimes. Many times I find that if Im nice to someone they try to take advantage or LIE to me about stuff. Its just wrong and when I get fed up its over...

On a happy note lol ... Be sure to check out the new dollar section while you are here at Awesome Designs!! As always please message me or send me an offline notecard should you need anything at all!!

In the works...More miniskirts, lingerie, and long elegant dresses!! All coming to an Awesome Store near you!!