Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Day + Free Gift @ Awesome Designs

Today is the last day to get the "Miranda Colors Pack" @ an introductory price of just $100L. After today it will be regular price of $395L. This sexy set includes the white dress with the 8 different colored overlay tops & waist ties!

Awesome Designs also has a NEW free gift between the displays in the main entrance of the store. It is the, "All The Rage" set in Sky Blue! You have to come and get it to see how AWESOME it is!

Have a great weekend ladies :)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Awesome Designs 50% Sale Items, 50% Store Card Sale, + More!

There are new cargo pants, skirts, & layered tanks over in the separates section of Awesome Designs that have been flying off the shelf since their release a few days ago! So affordable and always quality from Awesome Designs :)

Awesome Designs has several new sets just marked down by 50% that you are going to love!

Also just changed out are the items in the mob vendors and lucky chairs this morning. I think there are some great bargains so come and check it out!

I still have the sunflowers gift out for FREE in the main entrance of awesome designs between the NEW displays. Plus other cool gifts and free samples of chosen sets all over the store!

Now through Sunday night you can save 20-50% off of the store cards that are spendable like $L. These will also work on the items marked down at 50%! Store card prices are cut as follows:


Have a great weekend :)
Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs Owner/Creator

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Store Card Sale @ Awesome Designs!

Now through Sunday night you can save 20-50% off of the store cards that are spendable like $L. Store card prices are cut as follows:


Thank you - Have a GREAT Weekend!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

4 Sets are marked down by 50% @ Awesome Designs!

$95L or $350L For the Pack

$125L each or $500L For the Pack

6 Colors available, $95L Each

There is also some Lingerie - a little too sheer to blog :)

TP To the sale by clicking here!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Releases, Sale Items, & Gift @ Awesome Designs!

Tonight I have the cutest cargo pants & layered tanks! Come over & TP to Separates to find these new items!

Quick Note: I change out the 50% Sale items on Friday Mornings and there will be new stuff out for ya and tonight is the last night for the current items! Come by and get a great deal on some awesome clothes!

There is also still a FREE GIFT in the Main Entrance (Sets & Formal)
It is 'Sunflowers', between the new displays!

Awesome Designs @ Awesome Isle - Click For TP!

Have an Awesome Weekend - Julia Soothsayer!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Awesome Designs FREE GIFT + 50% Off Sale!

It's Sale time once again :)

Awesome Designs Has 4 Complete Sets just marked down by 50%! This means the single sets are half off and the packs that are already 50% off of individual purchase price are marked to 75% off. Awesome Deal and this will last from Today September 5th until next Friday at a minimum. (I try to change the sale items Friday). Another notice will be sent every time the sale items are changed! TP in to see what is NEW THIS WEEK!!

Direct Landmark

Don't forget there is a FREE GIFT - Sunflowers
over in the main entrance with sets and formal wear.