Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Awesome Designs Update

This isn't really a new release update, but more of a what's going on update. I've had some of you send me notes asking if I'm ok & why there are no releases. I am so busy with the new baby and the other 4 kids. Doctors, dentists, and tomorrow I am getting my gall bladder removed. So this is my second surgery in just a couple months time. Wish me luck, I'm so scared for tomorrow. Bok Bok Bok!!

When I get back, I will be boxing up the new footwear and will have that release. I will then be working on some great design ideas I've been pondering.

The 2009 clothing fair is right around the corner, I hope to see you all there!

If you are trying to get hold of me, please send me a notecard in world :)


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Awesome Designs 40% Commission to Affiliate Sellers!

I have an affiliate program with over 300 Awesome Designs Clothing, Shoes, and Skin products in Hippovend catalogs. The program cost $1000L One time fee to buy all of the vendors with all of the extras that come with it. You will automatically get enrolled in the hippo group for my franchise affiliates upon taking out a vendor. You will get regular updates in the vendors and FREE updates of all future Awesome Designs products. Read more about it by grabbing the info note card in world @ Awesome isle In the landing area OR check it out on XstreetSL.

Affiliate Representative Package In World

Affiliate Representative Package On Xstreet

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs Owner

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines Day Items & Gift + 50% Sale Items @ Awesome Designs

Oooh Valentines Day is almost here and WHAT are you going to wear???
Awesome Designs has something you will LOVE + a FREE Gift!

Click Here to TP to Awesome Isle

"Irresistible" Is 50% Off the original price! It's sexy, fun, and mix & matchable for those of you who like to individualize your looks :) This is the first time these have been marked down for sale...Click the Pics below to Teleport right to these Fabulous sets!

Be Safe, Be happy, & Be Sexy!

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs