Friday, July 20, 2007


Hello Awesome Fans! Last night I made the carefree set in RED SPLASH. Its free and at the entrance of the store. Ill be putting it on Slexchange later on if you miss it. Also come and pick up some great band tees, like ACDC or aerosmith for only $1L. These are on display at the entrance of the store. Last but not least there are some new jeans. You can choose faded or worn out and all come with different belt selections in one box for $100L. Next to the gift area the Jeans and tee with Awesome Designs as a logo are $1L. The regular tees are $35L. Ill be working hard all weekend on more new designs. Thanks to all who came for the store card raffle! It was a lot of fun and lots of prizes were awarded! Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Saturday Fashion Update!!

Today I completed a some cute sets that are made to be worn with a short or long skirt. The Dress Top is halter style and can be worn with the skirts or wear your favorite Jeans! These sets have some great color schemes and gently flowing skirts! A new favorite in my closet!! These are $200L Per Set OR $500L For all 5 sets! They are out & ready for you now @ Awesome Designs!

Ive had the need for some cute flat shoes lately. these are color changing for $150L

Ive got more stuff in the works...Such as new jeans, worn out jeans, sexy tees, Lacey dresses, & Slide Style Womens shoes! I just cant decide which to do first!!! See you later in SL!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good Morning!! Fashion Updates - Sexy New Dress and Hottt New Shoes!

Come on over to Awesome Designs NOW for "Sinful" This set comes in 8 colors and has loads of options so that you can personalize it from naughty to oh so nice! I looove this set. Its way too sexy for the modest, but you can dress it up or dress it down by mixing & matching from other separates in the store...just get creative! Pics Below. Tell me what ya think??? You read that right, I called em nipple fluffs :) What can I say...after hours and hours of work I start to get drained on interssting names! They are more than a pasty but less than a tassle :/ This set you can wear with a camisole underneath if you want to show a little less. The Forbidden Cami's look great. Ive been dressing the set up a little with some cute & funky accessories. Today is the update...lets hope we all get back on before noon!
I needed a good pair of closed toe shoes for wearing with business suits so I worked on these for a few hours. They are called "Sophistication Heels" If you come to the store you can try on the demo's. Included are the shiny and non shiny. I also made a strappy open toed version thats a little more funky with gemstone accents and bling optional. I do enjoy the stripper type shoes that I could NEVER wear without falling on my ass IRL so I think it's totally ok to wear them all the time in SL!! Ill be adding more closed toed shoes very soon. Oooh did I mention that these are color changers?? Drop down touch menu activated! Here are the pics for these hot new shoes:

Id like the opportunity to award some shopping sprees to true Awesome Designs fans. Ive got some ideas in the works and will let the group know as soon as the details are ironed out :) See you in SL!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Come on over to Awesome Designs On the Fourth Of July to pick up your fun, Flirty, and FREE mini dress. Be safe this day and enjoy your friends and family!