Friday, July 20, 2007


Hello Awesome Fans! Last night I made the carefree set in RED SPLASH. Its free and at the entrance of the store. Ill be putting it on Slexchange later on if you miss it. Also come and pick up some great band tees, like ACDC or aerosmith for only $1L. These are on display at the entrance of the store. Last but not least there are some new jeans. You can choose faded or worn out and all come with different belt selections in one box for $100L. Next to the gift area the Jeans and tee with Awesome Designs as a logo are $1L. The regular tees are $35L. Ill be working hard all weekend on more new designs. Thanks to all who came for the store card raffle! It was a lot of fun and lots of prizes were awarded! Have a great weekend!!


Shenandoah said...

The jeans are great, didnt take 'm off yet, I love 'm..;)
And thanks for answering my message, great customer service!!


Julia Soothsayer said...

Awe thank you :)It was also very nice to meet you :)I love the jeans too and have been wearing them continuously!