Monday, August 6, 2007

WOW All New Fashions @ Awesome Designs

Awesome Designs Has Three Brand New Sets available at the entry displays and all are $200L or less. You can also save up to 50% by buying the packs! The newest set has a semi transparent long flexi dress with a sleeve optional dress top that is worn on the jacket layer and can mix & match with your favorite jeans or skirt. The Bow Tie for around the waist is optional and has a color change script. Just touch for the menu. there are six colors in this set that Ive called GRACE. I have to thank the CALLA girls for this great hair! They have all new hair textures and styles and Im so loving it! I cant remember the name off the top of my head but this is the chestnut color. Also Storm Babeli from PURPLE ROSE gave me this great silver heart locket/bracelet combo. I cant remember the name...right now either...but she has a bunch of new stuff that you have to see, its brilliant!

Too Hot is as it says...too hot! 6 colors, Can be worn in many variations!

GLOWING BLOOMS - I KNEW this would be a hit when I was still working on it and though it was a lot more work than I normally spend, I decided not to up the price...These are $200L each or $500L for the sweet and saucy packs which saves 50%!!! If you want a special combined 5 pack, dont hesitate to drop me a note if I'm offline or IM inworld. These are truly amazing and a new AWESOME favorite! There are two skirt lengths (short and knee length) and optional flexi sleeves.

I do wish I could make a new outfit everyday. The fact is they take 2-3 long days each and my RL is nuts right now. My 14 year old son is having surgery on the 14th, Lots of dental stuff before school starts for my four kids and Im also facing back surgery from getting rear ended over two years ago. Im holding out on my surgery until I know that my son is ok...Ive had a numb left foot for two-three months now and have been using my laptop and not working at my desk because of the strain to my back. All this time my neck has been what hurts so much but my back has not bothered me since I quit nursing January of 06. While my real life has been turned upside down since 2005 since my accident, finding secondlife has allowed me to be creative and serve the public (although I'm not saving lives anymore)... I just love what I do and its a blessing that I'm so thankful for. If it wasn't for you ladies who love to wear my clothing, there would be no reason for me to do this that I love. THANK YOU!


*Helix Rehula said...

Tell me Julia..please..where can I send you en email? Thank you

Julia Soothsayer said... I check it often :)