Thursday, August 16, 2007

Im back now and everything went well!

Many know I was gone for a few days for my sons surgery which went well. He's home now and luckily not having hardly any pain and enjoying his video games and being waited on by his sisters :) SHRINERS HOSPITAL is the most amazing place Ive ever been and you all know I was a nurse myself! Not only was it free, but it was the most kind, gentle, and loving was also professional and perfect! Im glad he did not get a bone graft because he would have been in more pain. The doc said the hole in his bone was too large to fill with allograft from his hip so they used an artificial substance. It was also a huge tumor (Aneurysmal Bone Cyst) Biopsy was taken just to be sure. In a time where I was the most scared Ive ever been, I looked at this beautiful child and thanked god because truly I am so thankful and lucky that it was not cancer. Im back and really tired...It will probably take me all day to get everything straightened out from being gone so if you've sent me a note card, You will hear from me today :)


*Helix Rehula said...

Thank GOD! ..
I´m happy everything went well with your baby..they are the most precious things we have.
Where can I send you an email?

Julia Soothsayer said...

THANK YOU Helix! Everything is still ok thank goodness :)