Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays From Awesome Designs - New Releases and Gifts!

Happy Holidays From Awesome Designs! It's that time of year that we cherish our loved ones and think back to the memories of the past year and look to the new year and hope for happiness and good health. I hope 2010 brings you all good times, memories, and lots of laughter.

I have been really busy trying to get all of my Christmas stuff done and it sure isn't easy with 5 kids - so please excuse my tardiness with this years items. I had a lot of fun working on these and so far they are a hit! Before I forget, there ARE pack discounts on the Christmas items. There are also 8 more Christmas outfits from 2007 and 2008 that are more traditional and include lingerie, come by and have a look!

I have for you some snowflake panties, a short & sexy sweater, and a mani pedi set! Also come to the Christmas tree in the landing area to collect past gifts from 2006-2008 as well! These will be out until the new year.

Delicious little fur trimmed slides - just $125L

All 4 pairs for just $495L or $195L each

Unwrap Me - $195L - All wrapped up with a bow for gifting of yourself this holiday!

Vixen Christmas - $195L - A sexy holiday twist on an Awesome favorite!

Snowflake Dress - $250L - Two looks in one. Wear it short & sexy or formal with all the trimmings!

As always Awesome Designs has fun, the Daily and Friday Raffles for store cards are still going on in the landing area of Awesome Designs. There are sale items in the discount area, mob vends, lucky chairs, a gift orb, and more located throughout the store. Almost everything at Awesome Designs is transferable for gift giving!

Happy Holidays!
Julia Soothsayer
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awesome Designs New Sweaters with optional nipple shading.

Hello ladies :)

I was in the mood for a sexy sweater and I made a braided knit sweater that has a 'bra-less' option. The sweater has optional sculpted pieces for a finished look. This sweater is a short sweater coming in 16 colors. If you get the pack, there are four bonus colors.
I will sell the first 50 packs at half off of the already low pack price.

Awesome Coordinates shown sold separately. Any questions - please contact me :)
2009 Christmas Items coming soon!

Awesome Designs SLURL - Click to TP

Julia Soothsayer
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

$25L Quarter Sale + Free Gift @ Awesome Designs

Hello beautiful lady!
I have some cute skirts and snuggly sweaters on sale for $25L in the discounts area (use teleporter upon landing). Limited time offer on these great fall fashions. The Free gift is a really sexy, low cut lavender sweater that you can find in the Main Entrance.

Click Here for SLURL

Check out all of the great clothes while you are here!

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs CEO

Monday, October 26, 2009

Awesome Designs Halloween Free Gifts & More!

Just in time for this outrageous Halloween Party season - Gifts, New Releases, and costumes!

$25L New Set with nipple shading or without. Transferable for gift giving!

Awesome Designs SLURL

Free Batkini - brand new for you from Awesome Designs - TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Naughty Halloween from 2008 - FREE!

Eternity (Not Shown Here) is also a FREE formal / casual set located in the pumpkin in the landing area of Awesome Designs.

I also have a few costumes - here are a couple. Also be sure to check out my lovely Angel and Tinkerbell costumes. All priced for the season - now $95 each (Down from the regular $250L)

Thank you so much for reading my blog and shopping at Awesome Designs!
Hope to see you there :)

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Awesome Designs New Fashion - This is a SEXY one!

Awesome Designs SLURL

*Just In is "Be Jealous" It's way sexy and comes with the nipple and non nipple shaded versions!! It has several looks in one with the mini skirt (Wedge) or the mini flexi (Full) or even tight curve flattering pant bodysuit. You can optionally wear the belts, bracelets, and matching shoes too for the complete look. See the Picture Below!!

*The Daily and Weekly Raffles are going and in the landing area. You can win a $250L or $1000L Store Card just for clicking the ball. Be sure to enter everyday!

*At Awesome Designs you will find Mob Vendors, Lucky Chairs, Dollar Store, Dollar Logo Items, Free gift with group join and several free sample full sets located throughout store - can you find them?

Awesome Designs SLURL

Have a great week & thank you all for being AWESOME!

Julia Soothsayer
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Awesome Designs CUTE New Release!

I hope to find you all doing well and having a fun weekend :)

"Spheresome" just in and too cute! I love this casual set for shopping and hanging out with friends in the afternoon or having a lunch with that someone special!

Please visit Awesome Designs In World - Click Here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Awesome Designs Has A Beautiful NEW outfit!

Hi Ladies, thank you for reading :) I hope you will love the new design as much as I do called, "Hermosa" (beautiful in spanish). I REALLY love the colors and the floral design I did on this spicy little dress! The prim parts are modifiable for size. I added shiny bracelets and earrings to match the belt buckles and the shoes are a perfect color match as well.

You can find this in the main entrance on a NEW DISPLAY with the complete sets.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Awesome Designs Store Card Sale! Now Through Sunday!

Get your Awesome Designs at 50% off! Using the store cards that I just put out for sale in the landing area! I don't put these on sale very often so now is the time to get in on the discount!

Spendable like cash, never expire, great for gift giving and when you buy one, you instantly can save 20-50% off of almost everything in the store!

I hope you will come by my store today and pick up some great deals!

if you need a different store card amount for gifting, please contact me, Julia Soothsayer.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

~*~Buy One Get One Sale All Weekend @ AWESOME DESIGNS~*~

This is the sale you DO NOT want to miss!

I know you love FREE stuff and all weekend from now until Sunday at Midnight you can rack up the savings @ Awesome Designs!

Any sale over $50L qualifies you for a FREE item! No Limit to how many items you can get FREE. Just send me a note with the transaction details and get your FREE stuff usually within the hour!

Bonus: If you spend over 1000L - I will also throw in a surprise gift to Awesome Group Members Only!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Awesome Designs Must Have New Set!

Hello, thank you for checking out my blog!

My favorite dress,
"Glowing Blooms" is now available in 5 new gorgeous colors with the edition of matching shoes and wings.

You will probably agree that this set is perfect for salsa dancing or ice skating or wandering around the forest with the fairy wings on. It's versatile and can be worn with several different looks. I love these sets because they make me feel beautiful and also many many people compliment me and want to know where I got it! I think this will be a forever favorite in your virtual closet!

Single colors for $395L or all 5 colors for $975L (50% Savings)
Pick these up in the Formal/Party Dress section of Awesome Designs Today!

Come on in to Awesome Designs TODAY!

Formal & Party:
Glowing Blooms Special Edition

Main Entrance:
Dormitory Doll

Whimsical Nip Tanks
Ribbed "Beater" tanks with and without nip shading
Dormitory Doll Shorts

In discounts, you can find SEVERAL sets marked down by 50%! There is a free gift in the main entrance plus lucky chairs and more out back!

Use the teleporters located throughout the store to find just what you are looking for!

There is something for everyone at Awesome Designs!
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Have a great week!
Julia Soothsayer
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Awesome Designs Fashion Update, Sale!

Awesome Designs to the weekend rescue! New Release, Sale, and Raffles!

Awesome Designs Main Store SLURL

But First...How about some cute baby pictures?

Those are my two sons - 15 years apart and equally handsome! We are in Guatemala visiting my kids father (my husband) His VISA was finally approved on June 15th. We still have some time to wait though because we have to do waivers. Our problem started back when Pete was a baby and we missed an immigration court date due to ohio snow. They would not give us a chance and they would not reopen his case until he went back to his own country. Well he finally went and the wait has been hard on our family, but we are still together and there is an end in site!

I am not sure how long we are staying. I planned on staying until we could go back all together but a few days after I got here, my son's doctor called and said his Right leg tumor has regrown to 7cm and he needs it removed. he had a large one taken out in August of 2007 and I knew they are aggressive and rarely cancerous but, I had hoped it would not regrow. The problem is risk for another pathological fracture from the tumor weakening the bone. I am not sure how or when I am gonna go home now. My husband is very sad that we are going to have to leave him again but, also thankful for this time we have together. We are enjoying the cheap produce and the hot water we have this time, but NOT the fleas lol! It's the rainy season right now and the fog is so pretty, we are often just right below the clouds because we live up in the mountainside. We don't have a car, so we walk everywhere for now and can't go far. I'd like to visit Solola and the beach before we return home and maybe some Mayan ruins if we can borrow a car.

Rooftop view of Almolonga

My daughter Lily in traditional traje, all the women here wear these handmade weaved styles. this is an indigenous village where the women carry stuff on their heads.


Oh this is my favorite thing in my store right now, it is "Dormitory Doll" this set got it's name because it is youthful, casual, comfortable, sexy, and affordable with 12+ pieces in each box! the Bubblegum / Peachy is my favorite color in the bunch - there are 6 variations to choose from (3 shown).

I KNOW how many of you girls LOVE my nipple tops and I have a NEW Ribbed Long Tank that comes with the nipple and non nipple version included for one cheap price. The pack is at an unbelievable discount and comes with the 35 colors of Awesome plus 9 exciting bonus colors!

These shorts are really cute and not too short if ya know what I mean! Find these separates in the separates area of Awesome Designs. Upon landing, follow the floor signs.

This is a very pretty color for this free gift - I have included the nipple version for your perky pleasure! Find it in the main entrance above the new 'Dormitory Doll' Sets.

Click this pic below for a larger view of the new releases.

Click this pic for a larger view of the sale items this week. Find these in the discount area of Awesome Designs Main Store.

Thank you so much for choosing Awesome Designs, I value your support and appreciate hearing from you about your favorite outfits!

My raffles give away a daily $250L store card at 6pm and a $1000L Store Card Fridays at 5pm. You can join the Awesome Designs Group and then touch the bright pink and purple balls in the landing area. There are winners daily and it could be you!

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Have a safe and fun weekend!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Awesome Designs Update!

There he is, Mr. Alexander in the swing a t my son's 16th birthday. Miss Lily is behind him - don't look too close LOL as she got FILTHY playing in the sandbox that day! Alex is now 6 months old and he just started crawling on the 4th of July. He is having fun these days watching cartoons and eating crackers and Pureed people food - which has been giving me a break so that I can work more! He sure has grown since December, hasn't he?

Fashion Update: I made some really sexy Swim or Dance Wear a couple of days ago that include nipple options and a thong backside. Don't wear these to meet your man's mom LOL! I absolutely love the Deep Sage color - I think I'll be making more of it along with some other new fabulous colors! They are located in the separates area @ Awesome Isle.

I realized that I never blogged the blissful sets which were a variation of the blissful done for the limited edition color done for the Fashion Expo. There are several other color variations that you can pick up. They are located in Complete Sets.

Remember there is a DAILY and WEEKLY raffle @ Awesome Isle for group members. You NEED to get in on that action!! I am working on some Tanks, Sweaters, Skirts as we speak so look for these coming to the store this week! Have a good one!! Julia :)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Awesome Designs 4th Of July Set, Raffle, NEW Sale Items!

Good Evening Ladies! Come to Awesome Designs tonight to pick up the HOTTEST July 4th outfit, Enter the FREE raffle, and pick up some great 50% off items (never marked down before)!

Awesome Designs SLURL

*Stars & Stripes $95L (Fourth Of July) Includes Nipple and Non Nipple versions! This HOT thing is located in the landing area on a display!

Awesome Designs Hosiery in 35 Awesome Compatible Colors! My new hosiery has 5 different styles and each pack comes with the 35 colors I use on a regular basis. The white in each style is tintable too for your coloring needs. They sell with all colors for just $295L!

*Lace Trimmed Thigh Highs:
These Hose have the line down the back of the legs and arrive at the mid thigh. Wear these sexy semi sheer stockings with anything but they especially look hot under any lace trim attire, short shorts and skirts or with nothing at all!

*Laced Up Thigh High Hose: Perfect for wearing with any short skirt or lace up corset. These are sexy - so beware!

*Footless Hose: I absolutely made these for me and decided to share with everyone! I needed these for when I wanted to wear something short but make it look a little less revealing. Wear these with with your skirts, shorts, dresses. You can dress these up or down!

*Above Knee Socks: Okay - while these totally give you that not so innocent schoolgirl look, you can wear them at any age and however you like. I am including these in sheer and non-sheer all in one box at no extra cost!

*Full Panty hose: These are perfect when you need a full leg hosiery in an abundance of colors. These come on the panty layer for the upper portion and the sock layer for the lower leg.

*Leather Lowriders - Perfect and sexy for all occasion wear! Pick up the single colors or the money saving pack!

Tonight there will be 2 Store card raffles. The first will be the Weekly $1000L at 5pm and the second will be the daily $250L at 6pm. Remember you can enter to win EVERYDAY! There will be winners, will it be you?

Have a safe weekend!!
Julia Soothsayer
Making you look AWESOME since 2006!