Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today Only $25L @ Awesome Designs!

A special price for a special day. "Passion" In Baby Blue is on sale for one day only. This is transferable too for gift giving and has 3 looks in one! Click HUD for direct landmark to the set! Like the shoes? Look for them later this week in the footwear area :) Check out the new sets and other sale items while you are here!

Have a nice holiday!


MariaElizabeth Kidd said...

I just want to say Julia that I really like this outfit and I was able to get one for each of my sisters and my mom. They all loved it and we posed for a group pic and I'll send it to you in game so you can see how happy you made us all! Thanks for your great work and keep on making stuff!

Linda Snickerdoodle said...

I already had this one in black and love it! TY for such a good deal.

Miss Dancer said...

Will there be new sale items this friday?