Saturday, August 30, 2008

Starburst &Lovely NEW @ Awesome Designs

Happy Saturday Awesome Ladies!

I have just finished up a couple of new sets!

Starburst: This set Is a little dress that I think would be awesome for ice skating, dancing, or just anything! It doubles as a swimsuit too! Very Sexy @ $195L

Lovely: Is a casual set in 4 color themes that has pants and a skirt to go with the colorful top. $195L

Both sets are available as singles or money saving packs!
Thanks for shopping at Awesome designs!

Awesome Designs Main Entrance (New Sets) LM

Last day of the Awesome Designs Gift Hunt!

The hunt ends today for the 20 fabulous FREE gifts @ Awesome Designs!

Awesome Designs @ Awesome Isle LM

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Awesome New Footwear + Gift Hunt!

Awesome Designs has 20 little platinum gift boxes located all over up & down Awesome Isle! Each box contains a cool gift of either clothing or footwear. Use your camera controls and look all over. There is nothing hid in grassy areas...

This hunt last from today until next Saturday the 30th of August.

Can you find them all???

Awesome Designs Landmark

I have a couple pairs of NEW sculpted heels I have been working on. They are called, "Sexy" & "Smokin". The style is similar to a sexy open toe stripper shoe! My favorite :) Both pairs can be worn with any style of clothing and I made them in 34 different colors so they can PERFECTLY match Awesome Designs Clothing! I hate when I'm wearing...say my Glowing Blooms dress in Tangerine and I don't have a shoe to match...this sparked me making so many pairs!

Awesome Designs Footwear Section LM

Don't miss all this AWESOME!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Naughty Girl" NEW @ Awesome Designs!

I think most people know that pink is MY favorite color and this set is H-O-T!

You can't beat getting 3 looks in 1 for an affordable price!

Perfect for those Best In "Color" Events with 8 colors available for this outfit!


Wow - Sweet Deal! This pack saves you 30%

Soooo Saucy! Save 30% with this pack and 50% if you get all 8 colors!

Awesome Designs Main Entrance

You will find 3 new sets just released this week including a FREE gift!

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs

Friday, August 8, 2008

New 50% Off Items @ Awesome Designs!

The 50% Off Items have just been changed to 4 new new sets! Starting at $75L per outfit you can get some great deals today! Make sure to pick up the FREE gift that is pictured below! It is located in the Main Entrance Of Awesome Designs on the NEW FASHIONS display!

Click for direct landmarks below!

Main Entrance New fashions

50% Off Sale Items

Have a great weekend!
Julia Soothsayer

Thursday, August 7, 2008

50% Off Sale @ Awesome Designs - Last Day

Today is the LAST day for this weeks 50% Off items. I will change the items for sale tomorrow morning so I wanted to send out a quick notice to let you all know :) You can get the outfits you see in all colors half off original price + The already 50% off Packs will go down to 75%!

50% Off Sale Direct Landmark

See you there - Julia Soothsayer

Awesome Designs New Fashion - "Spice"!

Spice is brand new and out of the 9 Fab colors, the wine color is available for $0L! Come over to the Main Entrance of Awesome Designs and check out this new and gorgeous outfit!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Awesome Designs New Fashion - Isabella!

This is "Isabella" This new set is sizzling and ready for you now in the main entrance of Awesome Designs! It comes with the flexi sleeves and pantlegs that are optional to wear and the top has optional bra top for a little more discreetness. Enjoy this HOT new set :)