Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Fashions Coming On February 1st!

Ive been working hard on the days I can in the past week on a few new fashions. Coming Tomorrow there will be several new sets in the store to choose from. A couple are cute, one very classy, and a couple that are pretty risky and sexy :) By several request I'll be finishing up some sexy babydoll lingerie sets with Choices in Sheerness and panty styles! A preview notecard will be sent out to all members as soon as they hit the store. Please feel free to comment below and let me know some things you'd like to see from Awesome Designs in the future ;)

The New sets will be shown wearing some of Calla's new and lovely hairstyles!

For a more personal update, many of you know I found Secondlife when I was up late having insomnia after a couple years of working the nightshift and going on a full medical leave from my job as a staff RN. I had a car accident 10 months before where I was rear ended while parked. I got a severe whiplash injury and I am still in treatment - especially in the past 3-4 weeks. Sooooo this is the reason my fashion updates have been slower than average. Plus my four kids keep me busy too!
They Love to make faces at the camera...13, 11, 11...

A natural model - Lily age 4

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Campus 101" New @ Awesome Designs!

Campus 101

I remember lugging (sometimes running) my backpack on wheels all over Clark College for years in the cold rain, the day would have been a whole lot brighter if I had worn something like my campus 101 design!

There are three color themes, and you can mix & match each so you will have lots of options to keep this set fresh and new!




By Popular Demand...."Lover Mini-Dresses" In 8 More Colors!

Lover Mini-Dresses - 8 Colors

These Dresses, origonally 2 were created for the valentines day sets and I got many request to make them in more colors! I love them too and so I removed the heart decor, added puffy prim sleeves and picked out 8 awesome colors! Come by Awesome Designs Today - You will love the prices!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day From Awesome Designs!

Happy Valentines Day! Awesome Designs Kicked off the month long wait with brand new Holiday Packs! The sets below Come in Pink & White and Red and White. Also if you want to part it out I have these sets seperated into individual outfits! There is a special member special to all Awesome Designs members! There is a huge Display in Center Store, These Amazing Sets are shockingly affordable - and while created especially for the coming holiday, is perfect for anytime wear! Come and get yours today!


Color Change Boa's!

I had several people IM me asking about buying these boas seperate from the outfit...I decided to add a color changing script, touch activated with a drop down menu! They are also modifiable so you can adjust them for size and any precise color that you wish! Find these to the right of the entrance with shoes and accessories!

"Plaid Perfection"

This is a fun new set for those of you who love my mini skirt sets, Just a plaid fad? I don't think so... Plaid has been around for ages and this is fun, colorful, playful plaid with matching Thigh Highs and a Cotton Half Top! Come over to Awesome Designs today for shopping made fun!

HeartBreaker Heels - NEW @ Awesome Designs!

HeartBreaker Heels Are New @ Awesome Designs! They are the sexy stiletto type that would make your feet beg for mercy in Real Life! These Hot Slide On Heels Come in several single color combinations or choose to get the color change - that work by touch with a drop down menu! Im always working hard to make you look Great!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Play Bunny Sets, Time to Play!

These New Play Bunny Sets are Fun & Sexy - perfect for that "Best In Shorts" or "Best In Red" Contest! These sets can be bought in singles or in the pack - so come on down to Awesome Isle today to get yours!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Just In - "SHIMMER DRESSES" 13 Colors to choose from!

Just in are the brand new "SHIMMER DRESSES" These are - 'shimmery' like the name suggests, knee length, with a satin trim and come in 13 colors! A must have for your wardrobe!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

"TIMELESS" Brand New Today @ Awesome Designs!

This gown is a timeless beauty and can be worn as the mini flexi skirt or the more formal flowing gown. The Top trim is lace and the back is open with satin criss cross straps all the way down. They can't take their eyes off of you in this classy, elegant style!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Something Playful - Oh So Sexy! Now @ Awesome Designs!

When the mood strikes to be playful and sexy, you have to have the perfect outfit so you can say it without saying a word! The new fashion just in store today is the "FANTASY" collection! There are three fabulous themes to choose from - Cherries, Floral, or Hearts! These ultra hot, two tone sets come with a matching tattoo and can double as a bikini set!!

Speaking of Playful, "Hidden Agenda" is H-O-T !HOT! Check this sexy mini skirt set out! With six AWESOME colors, you are sure to find the one that looks good on you!

Let's keep things sexy! This is "Sensational" 9 colors to choose from, 50% savings with the pack and super affordable good looks! Charm that special someone with your sexy legs in this versatile, sexy miniskirt set!

Get One or Get them all in a savings pack @ Awesome Isle today!

Elegant Styles - A Must Have For Any Wardrobe!

All women want to look their best, it's our nature and in our blood! Some ladies want to be casual most days and dress up occasionally, while many ladies want to go all out everyday! When I make a formal dress, I want it to make a statement. When they look at you, they will instantly know that you are classy and very sexy. The dress can tell a story before they even say hello...Possible daring and intruiging, or sweet & old fashion! I'll show you now three of my all time favorite dresses!

Secrets is a classy,versatile set because you can wear it all day long! You can wear it with the short Mini Flex or the fitted with lace bottom Knee length skirt in the afternoon. By the time the evening rolls around just switch to the lovely long lace layered Flex gown! There are 7 colors to choose from and big savings if you buy them all!

Royalty is shown below and is another top favorite @ Awesome Designs! This dress has classy written all over it - (not literally) These sets come with shoes and different styles of flexi gowns so you can wear it with your desired level of fullness. Also you dont have to go flexi, the dress is gorgeous as a mid calf fitted dress! Ultra class with a hint of sexy - this dress is a sure crowd pleaser! With ten colors to choose from, there is one that's perfect for you!

Last but certainly not least is "Spellbound" This is also a favorite with a high cut organza fabric and low cut down the back with a criss -cross satin finish down the back, all eyes will be on you! This set is perfect for classy get togethers, weddings, dinner parties and any semi to formal gathering. This set also screams romantic weekend date dress! You can wear this dress with any of the three lengths of skirt so it's extremely versatile!

Candy Christmas

This Set is called "Candy Christmas 4 Pack" These can also be bought individually or save 50% by buying them all! This set was inspired by all the sweet candy we see at this time of year! These sets come with the Boa and matching Shoes to help complete this Awesome look! Be Sexy, Be Sweet, Be you! Awesome Designs is has it!

SnowFlake Princess

Christmas Was a Blast @ Awesome Designs this year and I had a lot of fun with the Christmas Collection! This Ensamble, "Snowflake Princess" it comes in Yuletide green and Holly Jolly Red!