Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day From Awesome Designs!

Happy Valentines Day! Awesome Designs Kicked off the month long wait with brand new Holiday Packs! The sets below Come in Pink & White and Red and White. Also if you want to part it out I have these sets seperated into individual outfits! There is a special member special to all Awesome Designs members! There is a huge Display in Center Store, These Amazing Sets are shockingly affordable - and while created especially for the coming holiday, is perfect for anytime wear! Come and get yours today!



Cherry said...

Please contact me in SL LOL, I can't join your group for some reason.

Cherry said...

And I'm too stupid to send my name: Please contact Cherry Grenville

Julia Soothsayer said...

I'll add you next time Im online...I had some griefers, one was a member attacking so I disabled join while it cooled down :/ Join is open again :)