Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays From Awesome Designs - New Releases and Gifts!

Happy Holidays From Awesome Designs! It's that time of year that we cherish our loved ones and think back to the memories of the past year and look to the new year and hope for happiness and good health. I hope 2010 brings you all good times, memories, and lots of laughter.

I have been really busy trying to get all of my Christmas stuff done and it sure isn't easy with 5 kids - so please excuse my tardiness with this years items. I had a lot of fun working on these and so far they are a hit! Before I forget, there ARE pack discounts on the Christmas items. There are also 8 more Christmas outfits from 2007 and 2008 that are more traditional and include lingerie, come by and have a look!

I have for you some snowflake panties, a short & sexy sweater, and a mani pedi set! Also come to the Christmas tree in the landing area to collect past gifts from 2006-2008 as well! These will be out until the new year.

Delicious little fur trimmed slides - just $125L

All 4 pairs for just $495L or $195L each

Unwrap Me - $195L - All wrapped up with a bow for gifting of yourself this holiday!

Vixen Christmas - $195L - A sexy holiday twist on an Awesome favorite!

Snowflake Dress - $250L - Two looks in one. Wear it short & sexy or formal with all the trimmings!

As always Awesome Designs has fun, the Daily and Friday Raffles for store cards are still going on in the landing area of Awesome Designs. There are sale items in the discount area, mob vends, lucky chairs, a gift orb, and more located throughout the store. Almost everything at Awesome Designs is transferable for gift giving!

Happy Holidays!
Julia Soothsayer
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awesome Designs New Sweaters with optional nipple shading.

Hello ladies :)

I was in the mood for a sexy sweater and I made a braided knit sweater that has a 'bra-less' option. The sweater has optional sculpted pieces for a finished look. This sweater is a short sweater coming in 16 colors. If you get the pack, there are four bonus colors.
I will sell the first 50 packs at half off of the already low pack price.

Awesome Coordinates shown sold separately. Any questions - please contact me :)
2009 Christmas Items coming soon!

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