Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Scandalous" NEW

Just in time for the weekend, a party dress just for you!! Very Colorful and very versatile, these sets can be worn with or without the sleeves and with the mini flexi or longer, full party flex.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Vibrant" My New Favorite Dress!

Theres just something about the way a satin dress makes a girl feel and the new design has a satin Long or Short Dress with a satin Bow -Tie belt! The colors are very vibrant and Im loving the incorporation of all the deep colors that the Awesome Designs Members have been asking for! I think my next outfit will be spring, light, and playful with ruffled sleeves ... but for now if you see me out & about, this is what I'll be wearing! You can get these all individual by color or pick up a pack :)

Pink & Platinum, a very delicate & fresh combination here that is different from the other dark, strong colors in this design. Swapping belts can add a splash of color and spice up your look! Shoot me a message or notecard if you've bought a set and would like a different colored belt :)

For me it's a toss-up between the deep eggplant and the royal blue for my favorite! I cant wait to see which wins out in the end :) I think...maybe the eggplant...or maybe the blue :)

While it's often obvious which color go together (like my sweet and saucy packs), sometimes it takes a little bit of analyzing...All of these dress packs come with the 2 looks in one (Short and Long) individually but I added some fat packs in sets of two as well and would love to hear some feedback on this :) The Green and orange are two colors that dont necessarily get worn together a lot, but I think appeal to the same taste bud's in this particular look :) again Id love to hear back from the group on this...

Last but never least, the Cherry and Black! Do you know that black followed by red are my top sellers. In fact, while I often hear people come in my store and say Aghhhh Pink, pink comes in third for my store (And #1 In my Closet). But when in doubt, black and red are tried and true and look great on any skin tone and in most situations!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Crossfire" new @ Awesome Designs!!

This new Crossfire set is SMOKIN...Be sure to bring a fire extinguisher along when you wear this because you'll be starting fires in some Boys' Pants! Ok This set is ultra sexy and the skirt can be worn optionally. Also my skirts are modifiable so you can add any strip scripts that you'd like. The colors are bright and Awesome Designs Members were suprised with the Orange one (not Shown) as a gift!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Snakeskin Fashion @ Awesome Designs!!

This is a late posting for the snakeskin sets I released on Saturday Night and OMG I dont have anything new done yet :( I am working on something but it's slow because I have 4 healthcare appointments this week IRL...Anywho the snakeskin sets are a big hit already and so very sexy - there is something very bold about wearing a snakeskin outfit and leather boots together! I also recommend doing it ladies because I think it's empowering to wear it because you can and not give a damn what anyone thinks! I loved it at a mall the other day some guy...trying to use pickup lines on me was begging for attention and I sweetly said, "Thanks, it's amazing what a good snakeskin can do..." Lots of girls do like the male attention some of my outfits bring them :) Powerfull stuff girls, use it wisely!! What the heck am I talking about ??? Here are a couple pictures!!

These sets com with the shorts, skirt, and the top! I loooove the orange, it's a great summer color and screams, WILD ONE...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Julia's Favorite New Outfit! "Beautiful"

Being a pink freak, I can't take off this pink dress! My favorite New Dress since the radiant sets!! lace Decorated and semi sheer tapering on the skirts make this 'Beautiful' Dress really classy and oh so lovely! There are two looks in one beacuase this set comes with a longer formal and a shorter party dress! Its flexi and it flows so nicely! If you like feminine fashions, this one is for you!

Coming soon to Awesome Designs - something very sensual and sheer!

"DISTINCTIVE" 2+ Hot Looks In One!

I am LOVING this new set - not only do I get the miniskirt to show off my legs, I get these snug form flattering pants!! Some situations require different looks and from the pictures you can see there are many looks in each box! Lots of colors to choose from so hurry to Awesome Designs to pick up this new, already popular Women's set!

"Sensual" A Sexy Minidress - New!

This New minidress is form fitting and absolutely lovely. It's also affordable! Awesome Designs Members had a couple days to pick up their free copy of the pink (My Favorite)! At $150L each you can pick out a couple favorite colors!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Something a Little Sexy...

So... in the mood to make something sexy, I sat down and started "GLOW" In the beginning this was not my vision, but after I made the starfield texture it was just so pretty and I had to let my pen take my imagination on a ride and this is the result! 8 Different colors of this short Mini Skirt Set, Skirt Base Doubles as Booty Shorts and of course lace trimmed tights! The Boots are my Zipped Up boots that you can find in the shoe department and Hair By Calla (Yellow Carnation In Burnt Tips)

Ok - so Id never go to a nude beach...not in RL but in SL, why not? I rent a space at Laguna Nude Beach and a couple other nude beaches! I always feel out of place with my miniskirt sets or jeans and somehow my Hibiscus Honey Bikini is, well - OVERDRESSED! This is where my inspiration for the PasTEAZE sets came from - These all come with matching Thongs and can be worn especially at a nude beach to decorate your body but also wear them under sheer tops & dresses for hot look! Dancewear? Maybe...depends on you and how risque you are feeling! Pics Below :) Lots of Colors To shoose From!

Comments, Questions...