Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Snakeskin Fashion @ Awesome Designs!!

This is a late posting for the snakeskin sets I released on Saturday Night and OMG I dont have anything new done yet :( I am working on something but it's slow because I have 4 healthcare appointments this week IRL...Anywho the snakeskin sets are a big hit already and so very sexy - there is something very bold about wearing a snakeskin outfit and leather boots together! I also recommend doing it ladies because I think it's empowering to wear it because you can and not give a damn what anyone thinks! I loved it at a mall the other day some guy...trying to use pickup lines on me was begging for attention and I sweetly said, "Thanks, it's amazing what a good snakeskin can do..." Lots of girls do like the male attention some of my outfits bring them :) Powerfull stuff girls, use it wisely!! What the heck am I talking about ??? Here are a couple pictures!!

These sets com with the shorts, skirt, and the top! I loooove the orange, it's a great summer color and screams, WILD ONE...

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