Monday, February 26, 2007

Footwear: Several New Styles at an Awesome Store Near you!

Ive been sooo bored with my selection of shoes. Im a girl who needs new shoes every week! I get bored, I need a fix... so I spent about 40 hours over 4 days working on some new shoes and boots! All have demo's available for trying on except for the boots. They are located to the right of the entrance! There are 4 new styles to choose from. I think you will agree that these are super fun shoes!!

The boots, "Zipped Up" Come in Black, Soft Pink, Brown, Red and White!

The, "Million Dollar Stilettos" May tie for my favorite today - they looked so nice with the "Radiant" Set! These come in Color Changers with Bling Optional and are carefully decorated with shiny gemstones - these are amazing and look great in any situation!

The, "Stripped Stiletto" WOW I am inlove again! High High Heels - they come in color changers and a variety of color combos! If you can see the delicate pattern embedded in the top portion of the shoe you will love it! Pick these up today - thay are smoking hot!

The, "Alluring Ladies Heel" is a closed toe, and lower to the ground delicate yet bold shoe for all occasions. These are color changers as well so you will need just one of these!

Man oh Man, words can't express my exhaustion from working through the weekend to get these ready while having a cold :( But it passed the time nicely and kept my mind off of my diet! Woo Hoo day 7 and Im doing great...Id love to hear from you ladies what you'd like to see from Awesome Designs as I am feeling super creative...(As soon as I get a lil sleep)

Some Ideas I have are in the works now, I can't wait to share them with you! Have a safe and fun Monday!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

LOVE LOVE LOVE - "RADIANT" New @ Awesome Designs!

I really LOVE everything I put in my store, especially after spending 10 or so hours with in photoshop and finally getting to wear the finished product, but there are just some things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and the latest outfit 'Radiant' Just released yesterday is my new favorite! Now the Blushed Rose is KICK ASS in my opinion but I am a pink freak, but there are 9 colors to choose from, the usual pink, red, white, black, blue, purple..but also this set comes in Banana, Dark khaki, and last but certainly not least spring which is a gentle green that will bring out your freckles, red hair, fair skin into the spotlight! Loooove it!

If I were shopping, I woud have to get all colors in the packs because of my love affair with this dress! Satin & lace, short and long Flex and flexi sleeves is a vibrant classy look! Ive been getting compliments like crazy on this dress...available @ Awesome Designs for $250L each or save with the packs! If you'd like to complete the accessorized look here, my pearls are my favorite classy addition from PURPLE ROSE and the Hair is from CALLA (Monarda). The perfectly freckled skin is from Celestial by Starley Therian! The Shoes are the Heartbreaker color changers from Awesome Designs and the manicure/pedicure combo is french tips in Nude from Awesome Designs!!

Have I been in HIDING??? Finally a new post and a few cool new fashions!!

Feeling in the mood for some fun and flirty Little skirts I made three different sets that are sure to bring out your cute side! Daizy - my absolute favorite is a minidress that can be worn alone as a fitted skirt or with thehort flexi skirt! This is quickly becoming a popular item, look below to see why! 9 Colors to choose from in this cute set! If you Need this hair like I did, it's from Calla and is called Day Lily!

I LOoooooVE Mini dresses, especialy strapless short styles that show off pretty summer sunkissed shoulders! The next thing I made is similair to daizy in the cut but it has a nice gingham design and a satiny finish. Also boasting a headband and tights! Wanderlust was featured on Linden Lifestyles TODAY!!

Speaking of 'Sunkissed' My new bikini's with sarongs will do nicely for your gorgeous pixelated figure! Only $100L and 9 fabuous summer fun colors to choose from!

I also have a liking for long styles and sets that are versatile allowing you to go long or short just rock my world! So 'Attraction' is a sure pleaser for those of you who like me enjoy versatility and sexiness in a nice affordable package!

By request I made my button down shirts from 'Campus Cutie' in an array of fabulous colors! $50L each or get the whole pack for $250L - an incredible savings for those with the need to buy in bulk!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

THEY ARE HERE, 5 New Fashions @ Awesome Designs!

Good Morning, Run don't walk... over to Awesome Designs for some hot new threads ladies! I'm so excited about my new releases and having a blast showing them off. I'll post some pictures and info about the new sets!

This first set - WOW - So Very Sexy! It's called Temptress and possibly the sexiest of them all! It has a Top that is not much of a top at all that has an open, lace up front...It Comes With Some Hot pants that double aas the flexi Skirt base and comes in 6 wild colors! The hat is not included because it is part of this sexy hair called "Begonia" From Calla! It's a color changing hat too!

While I was still in this naughty mood, I made Naughty Desires in 6 colors or you may get the packs for a savings of 40-60% off of individual purchase! I love packs because they save you money if you gotta have em all and you can always share with a friend! My favorite Short style from Calla is "IRIS"!

I made this New Lingerie set yesterday ("TANTALIZING") and I must say that it is soooooo sexy! It has the babydoll which is modifiable so you can determine how sheer you want it! It also has the bra & Panty Sets in Sheer and Non Sheer, plus a matching Thong and tights! I looooove this sexy playful set. It pays off that Im so indecisive and sometimes not sure if I want this case the panties or I throw in both! Shield young eyes as this one contains some sheer nudity and a dangerous thong! The hair is so fabulous "Delphinium" From Calla!

I sketched out "Tease" When I was having a little insomnia then decided to cutout my 'pattern' on the spot. Well before I knew it it was morning but I had this fabulously sexy but so sweet outfit done! I made the soft pink color first but I liked how it looked with the white trim and pink base and vice versa so I left them both in! I did this for each color set. This is great for mixing things up, or sharing with a good friend or sister - think twins...I love them! The brown and pink combo was totally inspired by some weekend shopping at The Gap Store with my three daughters! There are 8 color combos to choose from and I'll list a couple below! This is my current favorite hair from Calla called "Eupatorium", it's flexi and way too cheap...Get some :)

Oooooh Last but Not least is the "Expressions" Sets coming in 9 awesomely gorgeous colors (Latte and Pink Passion shown below) For this set it's not only coming in a long flexi it has a shorter mini too so you can go from that formal event to say the afterparty in sexy style! The Hair is by Calla and If you do pick up this hair @ the Calla Headquarters, all proceeds are going to the "Ayeshe Millions' Wellness Fund"a great cause to help a second life woman named AYESHE in need of medical treatment. You'll look good and FEEL good - plus this hair just ROCKS!!

This all makes for one REALLY BIG UPDATE, Ive got some ideas for some new stuff to be coming soon! Any Suggestions? If I make it, you get it for free!!