Thursday, February 22, 2007

LOVE LOVE LOVE - "RADIANT" New @ Awesome Designs!

I really LOVE everything I put in my store, especially after spending 10 or so hours with in photoshop and finally getting to wear the finished product, but there are just some things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and the latest outfit 'Radiant' Just released yesterday is my new favorite! Now the Blushed Rose is KICK ASS in my opinion but I am a pink freak, but there are 9 colors to choose from, the usual pink, red, white, black, blue, purple..but also this set comes in Banana, Dark khaki, and last but certainly not least spring which is a gentle green that will bring out your freckles, red hair, fair skin into the spotlight! Loooove it!

If I were shopping, I woud have to get all colors in the packs because of my love affair with this dress! Satin & lace, short and long Flex and flexi sleeves is a vibrant classy look! Ive been getting compliments like crazy on this dress...available @ Awesome Designs for $250L each or save with the packs! If you'd like to complete the accessorized look here, my pearls are my favorite classy addition from PURPLE ROSE and the Hair is from CALLA (Monarda). The perfectly freckled skin is from Celestial by Starley Therian! The Shoes are the Heartbreaker color changers from Awesome Designs and the manicure/pedicure combo is french tips in Nude from Awesome Designs!!

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