Monday, February 26, 2007

Footwear: Several New Styles at an Awesome Store Near you!

Ive been sooo bored with my selection of shoes. Im a girl who needs new shoes every week! I get bored, I need a fix... so I spent about 40 hours over 4 days working on some new shoes and boots! All have demo's available for trying on except for the boots. They are located to the right of the entrance! There are 4 new styles to choose from. I think you will agree that these are super fun shoes!!

The boots, "Zipped Up" Come in Black, Soft Pink, Brown, Red and White!

The, "Million Dollar Stilettos" May tie for my favorite today - they looked so nice with the "Radiant" Set! These come in Color Changers with Bling Optional and are carefully decorated with shiny gemstones - these are amazing and look great in any situation!

The, "Stripped Stiletto" WOW I am inlove again! High High Heels - they come in color changers and a variety of color combos! If you can see the delicate pattern embedded in the top portion of the shoe you will love it! Pick these up today - thay are smoking hot!

The, "Alluring Ladies Heel" is a closed toe, and lower to the ground delicate yet bold shoe for all occasions. These are color changers as well so you will need just one of these!

Man oh Man, words can't express my exhaustion from working through the weekend to get these ready while having a cold :( But it passed the time nicely and kept my mind off of my diet! Woo Hoo day 7 and Im doing great...Id love to hear from you ladies what you'd like to see from Awesome Designs as I am feeling super creative...(As soon as I get a lil sleep)

Some Ideas I have are in the works now, I can't wait to share them with you! Have a safe and fun Monday!


Jeannie said...

Julia, Sorry to use this medium but I tried the notecard route about 10 days ago... I just dropped the same notecard into your profile on SL, about 5 minutes ago. Please look for it... Thanks, Jeannie Jannings

Julia Soothsayer said...

I'll look for it as soon as I log in, perhaps I was in busy mode the first time you sent it... but I have not seen one for you.