Saturday, April 19, 2008

New @ Awesome Designs

"Enchanted" is new and so lovely! The dress top is tank style and there are two pairs of glitch pants for the long gown and short semi-sheer flex skirt. There are also prim semi-sheer sleeves, and a little flexi bow centerpiece!

This dress is perfect for those romantic and magical nights and the perfect princess dress!

These lovely dresses are in the main entrance of Awesome Designs and for sale with a starting price of $295L and up to 50% off of the Super Pack!

What's This Outfit Called?

Tonight we had a suprise contest to try and guess what this NEW Awesome Outfit was called! There were clues and we ended up with 20 winners! What fun - we will have to do this more!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Awesome Body Skin Pricing

Skin @ Awesome Designs is now 50% off of the normal price. I want have this introductory pricing to give ladies a chance to enjoy my new skin! The Pricing is until further notice and when it changes back, there will be ample warning :) If there is enough interest in more make ups, I will add some for summer, let me know what ya think!!


All The Rage - Awesome Designs!

Click Pic For Closer Look :)Classy, Casual, Sexy, Flirty, & Fun!

"All The Rage" is available now in the main entrance of Awesome Designs! The pants are modifiable. You get both the long pants and capri pants both with sculpted cuffs. The Tops also come in an amazing 18 colors (Not all shown). They are worn on the jacket layer and have a great texture and cut that adds style and class to a casual tank. There is a platinum and black belt that really dresses up this casual look! I have these available in packs and as seperates.

The Tops come with the belts and are $75L each. The Pants have the capri and regular length with prim cuffs and are $125L each.

This is a great look that can be worn over and over again without getting old - fresh and fun @ Awesome Designs!

The Skin is Brown Sugar Green Shimmer
The Shoes are the Ultimate Pumps (Color Changers)

Both available to coordinate a sexy avatar @ Awesome Designs!

My Jewelry is Domes from Purple Rose
My Hair is Tyra from ETD - One of my fave Updo's


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Raffle and New Skin!

Congratulations to tonights raffle winners! There were 15 skins and about 20 new design winners!

I'm so excited to see how many of my girls have started wearing Awesome Designs Skin already! Thank you for this amazing compliment, I love designing and it's nice to see you all wearing my work!

In the future I will add more make-up so that you don't get bored!

TGIF - almost!


Continuing with this week's sexy releases @ Awesome Designs...

"Extreme Curves" Brand New @ Awesome in the main entrance on a NEW FASHION display. This comes with the sheer pants and top, short shorts, garter straps & hose, and the flexi tapered mini skirt. It's so sexy and cute at the same time! Lotsa colors to choose from (11). The pack deals always save you 20-50%

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Fashion Release @ Awesome Designs!

This is brand new @ AWESOME DESIGNS! It's very intensely sexy and will definetely get you noticed! This hot bodysuit has a completely open front to show off your curves and an open back. Optionally you can wear the buckled back strap included. pants are modifiable if you want to make these into a flared leg. This comes in 16 fabulous colors and 4 pack options (Ice Pack, Wild Pack, Saucy Pack, & Sweet Pack) All packs have a savings from 30-50% off of individual purchase price ($125L each) WOW - come over and pick some up in the main entrance of Awesome Designs @ Awesome Isle!!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week, Julia!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quick preview of Awesome Body Starter Skins :)

This is one of 5 skin tones available in the Awesome Body Skin line. Now that Awesome Designs FINALLY has skin, I'm so happy to be able to provide a beautiful skin at no charge! You can pick these up in the skin section of Awesome Designs!

Awesome Body Skin by Awesome Designs! NEW RELEASE!

I'm so excited to announce the release of Awesome Body Skin from Awesome Designs! Congratulations to Alicia Seid, the first person to purchase a skin, surprisingly won the Super Awesome 64 Pack!

Come to Awesome Designs to see the exciting new skin line "Awesome Body"! My Demos' are free so you can try them all on.

From NEUTRAL to WILD colors, Awesome Body has what you are looking for! 5 Tones to choose from vanilla to chocolate!

With purchase you get a free basic nail polish set
Free Beauty Options such as; hair and body highlighting!

Free Starter skin available for all avatars!