Monday, April 14, 2008

All The Rage - Awesome Designs!

Click Pic For Closer Look :)Classy, Casual, Sexy, Flirty, & Fun!

"All The Rage" is available now in the main entrance of Awesome Designs! The pants are modifiable. You get both the long pants and capri pants both with sculpted cuffs. The Tops also come in an amazing 18 colors (Not all shown). They are worn on the jacket layer and have a great texture and cut that adds style and class to a casual tank. There is a platinum and black belt that really dresses up this casual look! I have these available in packs and as seperates.

The Tops come with the belts and are $75L each. The Pants have the capri and regular length with prim cuffs and are $125L each.

This is a great look that can be worn over and over again without getting old - fresh and fun @ Awesome Designs!

The Skin is Brown Sugar Green Shimmer
The Shoes are the Ultimate Pumps (Color Changers)

Both available to coordinate a sexy avatar @ Awesome Designs!

My Jewelry is Domes from Purple Rose
My Hair is Tyra from ETD - One of my fave Updo's



fyi said...

I like these Julia, It's casual but also the belt makes it really fashionable. I would like to see more pants at AD because this is nice!

Julia Soothsayer said...

FYI - thank you so much! I am wearing the white pants with the slate top and white belt currently and cant get enough of this set! You are right about the pants situation - I make way too many skirts and dresses, it's just my passion I guess. When I make pants, they usually get a lot of attention! TTYL and thanks for posting!

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