Saturday, April 19, 2008

New @ Awesome Designs

"Enchanted" is new and so lovely! The dress top is tank style and there are two pairs of glitch pants for the long gown and short semi-sheer flex skirt. There are also prim semi-sheer sleeves, and a little flexi bow centerpiece!

This dress is perfect for those romantic and magical nights and the perfect princess dress!

These lovely dresses are in the main entrance of Awesome Designs and for sale with a starting price of $295L and up to 50% off of the Super Pack!


fyi said...

Ohhh Julia, I love these dresses! I like the ruffly sleeves how the skirts move! I got the sage and the red ones and have been getting lotsa compliments. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I love these gowns but I wish it came in the sky blue that you usually make :(

Julia Soothsayer said...

FYI - thanks so much! The sage and bubblegum might be my favorite I think! Its hard to pick because one day I love wearing white and other days black, and some days I'm full of color...You have a great week too :)

Anonymous, I had to stop somewhere on colors, these were a lot of prim work coloring each prim one by one. each sleeve was 25 prims plus the bow and skirt times 9 colors, oh my! Don't worry I usually make the sky blue and will continue :)