Monday, April 14, 2008

Awesome Body Skin Pricing

Skin @ Awesome Designs is now 50% off of the normal price. I want have this introductory pricing to give ladies a chance to enjoy my new skin! The Pricing is until further notice and when it changes back, there will be ample warning :) If there is enough interest in more make ups, I will add some for summer, let me know what ya think!!



Anonymous said...

Julia I love your free skin, I bring all the noobs and my friends to get it! I finally saved enough and got one of your packs. I love the green shimmer and the blues too! My Boyfriend loves my new awesome body ;)

fyi said...

I have your neutral 4 pack in the shimmer and it makes me so gorgeous, thanks for making such a great skin at a price I can afford!

Julia Soothsayer said...

Thanks Ladies, Im so happy that you love the skin as I do !!! I think the prices are very reasonable and the free skin is truly a great gift. Now you can look like gorgeous right away rather than looking like a noob!