Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Elegant Styles - A Must Have For Any Wardrobe!

All women want to look their best, it's our nature and in our blood! Some ladies want to be casual most days and dress up occasionally, while many ladies want to go all out everyday! When I make a formal dress, I want it to make a statement. When they look at you, they will instantly know that you are classy and very sexy. The dress can tell a story before they even say hello...Possible daring and intruiging, or sweet & old fashion! I'll show you now three of my all time favorite dresses!

Secrets is a classy,versatile set because you can wear it all day long! You can wear it with the short Mini Flex or the fitted with lace bottom Knee length skirt in the afternoon. By the time the evening rolls around just switch to the lovely long lace layered Flex gown! There are 7 colors to choose from and big savings if you buy them all!

Royalty is shown below and is another top favorite @ Awesome Designs! This dress has classy written all over it - (not literally) These sets come with shoes and different styles of flexi gowns so you can wear it with your desired level of fullness. Also you dont have to go flexi, the dress is gorgeous as a mid calf fitted dress! Ultra class with a hint of sexy - this dress is a sure crowd pleaser! With ten colors to choose from, there is one that's perfect for you!

Last but certainly not least is "Spellbound" This is also a favorite with a high cut organza fabric and low cut down the back with a criss -cross satin finish down the back, all eyes will be on you! This set is perfect for classy get togethers, weddings, dinner parties and any semi to formal gathering. This set also screams romantic weekend date dress! You can wear this dress with any of the three lengths of skirt so it's extremely versatile!

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