Saturday, August 23, 2008

Awesome New Footwear + Gift Hunt!

Awesome Designs has 20 little platinum gift boxes located all over up & down Awesome Isle! Each box contains a cool gift of either clothing or footwear. Use your camera controls and look all over. There is nothing hid in grassy areas...

This hunt last from today until next Saturday the 30th of August.

Can you find them all???

Awesome Designs Landmark

I have a couple pairs of NEW sculpted heels I have been working on. They are called, "Sexy" & "Smokin". The style is similar to a sexy open toe stripper shoe! My favorite :) Both pairs can be worn with any style of clothing and I made them in 34 different colors so they can PERFECTLY match Awesome Designs Clothing! I hate when I'm wearing...say my Glowing Blooms dress in Tangerine and I don't have a shoe to match...this sparked me making so many pairs!

Awesome Designs Footwear Section LM

Don't miss all this AWESOME!

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Miss dancer said...

I found all 20! What cool stuff!