Thursday, June 4, 2009

Awesome Designs New Release, Raffle, Sale, Fashion Expo Info

Awesome Designs has NEW Nipple Tops that you will LOVE to wear! 22 colors and just $85L per single color which includes the sculpted sleeves and bow!

Be sure to join the Raffle Daily and Weekly while wearing the Awesome Designs Group Tag! The prizes are amazing and the odds are GREAT! The Raffles are 6 pm daily and Friday at 5pm for the weekly raffle! Join by clicking the big glowing balls in the center courtyard (Landing area)!

TP in to Awesome Designs and click on the sign for the Fashion Expo to receive the details on the ... when, where, why ... because you have to go check it out!

This is my One Of A Kind Piece that is brand new. It will be auctioned to the highest bidder to benefit RFL! RFL is a worthy and important cause as we all have been somehow touched by cancer. Until there is a cure...Relay!


AmySue said...

Beautiful! I love the flowers across that purple dress, and on the shoes. Lovely. I wanna have a raffle! That sounds like a lot of fun! The baby will be here in less than 2 months, have I mentioned I am tired of being pregnant? lol Enough already! Did you feed Alex a bottle at all? I am planning on pumping some in hopes of getting a bit of a relief at times. All these people are coming to see the baby, might as well put em to work :) Talk to you soon hun, keep up the AWESOME work :)

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