Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New fashions In Yesterday November 27th. There are 15 colors of my new plush sweater sets and 5 pairs of corduroy Pants that show off all your curves with an AWESOME belt buckle and snug fit. The plush sweaters come with prim sleeve cuffs and a flexi scarf to match. This is the perfect look for this time of year. Warm and snuggly and sexy at the same time! Brrrrr I live in the NW USA and cold rain is what we are having outside. The other set that Ive been working on is "Check Mate" The top is strapless but has optional sleeves. It comes with a really cute & full flexi skirt and pants too. Its nice having the kids in school because Im getting more done and I love it! Thank you for checking out my newest work and have a safe week :)


SeXi ViTa said...

hey.. i love your designs.. im going to stop by your store today =] do u do skins and hair too? i like that hair !! lol

Julia Soothsayer said...

hi and thank you. Sorry for the late answer. I have things going on :(

I am in the process of my first skin line but I dont think Ill ever make hair.

Thanks for your sweet compliments Sexi!! Happy New year!