Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New fashion Release coming to Awesome Designs tonight!

Often I will say my new design is my favorite but I think I mean it when I say that "Charming" Is my favorite new formal. I love the colors, the cut, and the versatility of this dress. This dress can be worn with the fitted full length or the flex gown. The gown has an extra layer of lace that matches up with the floral trim to the gloves and Base top. The base top is an optionl sleeved camisole for an optional added softness and extra coverage for those who wish to show a little less. I made some sculpted slippers that are included in the pack for your convenience and optional. You will shine when you walk into the room in this timeless beauty. Elegance is achieved no matter how you wear it. My color pick for this set is the pecan. I love al of the colors and there are 15 to choose from PLUS...the money saving packs! Please stop in later to view this new design.

Ive had a difficult time getting photoshop reinstalled after a very hard crash and so my christmas sets are only half done but I will hopefully have them out by Friday. You will love them ladies and there is something for everyone...something classy, seomthing sexy, and something fun!


Nalin Nungesser said...

Wow, what an amazing dress Julia!

Looking forward to all the Xmas stuff too! Happy holidays!

Julia Soothsayer said...

Happy Holidays Nalin! The Christmas stuff is almost done Im so excited. Thank you Im so glad you like the new dresses too :)

Ryker Beck said...

I really love the new Charming dress. You just get better and better with each release!

Julia Soothsayer said...

Ryker thank you! I have been really enjoying the new designs and still learning lots with each new set. I totally have a love affair with party dresses and could make them all day every day and never run out of ideas! Thank you for the compliments and Im so glad you like them! Cool Blog too I enjoyed reading through and agree with you that skin review totally :)