Thursday, November 15, 2007

NEW Releases to Awesome Designs are coming today!

Good Morning, at least for me its morning at noon after Ive worked all night to get my new designs out to you! I use to work night shifts when I worked at the hospital so ... I just tend to still be in work mode at night and my kids are all asleep then so it gives me complete me time without interruptions. The new fashions include the "Bouquet Bikini" and "Allure" The party dress. The bikini's have that sexy wrap around style, a thong panty, short shorts, and matching flip flop sandals. It comes in 7 color variations and will be out on display by this afternoon.

There is one way to tell when I really am loving a design...I can't stop at just 6-8 colors and I end up making ... oh say...19! I added some new muted hues like pecan, slate blue, ocean breeze, and sage. Then you have your basic necessities like black, red, pink, and the list goes on! This dress comes with the fitted style dress, sheer matching hose, and the fur trim. You can also wear this dress without the trim, but I think the trim is a must ;) Please stop in and check out these new designs!

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