Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Maria" named for my beautiful daughter!

"Maria" Is brand new and will hit the displays this evening as soon as I get it all packaged up! Its Elegant Pearl trim has been carefully placed one by one :)

This lovely dress is strapless and has optional gloves and waist sash. The Formal Dress is Long and Soft and the Shorter Flexi Skirt Is decorated with tiny beads and is perfect for showing off your sexy legs. This ensamble can be bought in single colors (11), But also has 4 Pack Variations as shown below. The Super Pack (50% off individually buying all), The Saucy and Sweet packs, and The Autumn Pack for those must have seasonal colors!

I'm excited to see some results from the polls. So far you ladies seem to want more mini skirts! Im going to be adding all things from the poll as time allows me to work. I feel like Im just inching along when the sets take 2-3 days each. I do love making them and thank you for wearing them!

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