Thursday, September 13, 2007

A BIG & HUGE Update for Awesome Designs!!

Ive been so so busy creating lately and have not updated here in a couple weeks! The newest update is shown first. "Striking Beauty" has 9 sweater tops (Peach not shown) ooops. there are matching camisoles made from a delicate lace and 5 different shades for the pants. Its casual and it magnifies your beauty while not being over the top sexy! All available in single pieces or a money saving pack!

Speaking of Over the top SEXY are the "Sensual" tanks in 24 packs. With nipple shading or in the knit tank without nipple shading. These are a new popular seller and available in singles too if you just want a couple colors!

Ya Ya Im totally an 80's kid and this funky set reminds me of the late 80s! The partially zipped top & pants in "Zipped Up" are ultra sexy. This set I made in 14 colors and they are available by the pack or by the colored set. You can also get the 14 tops in a pack by themselves since they go AWESOME with your favorite pair of jeans!

"Shiny Reflections" is a great sexy value! If you dance in SL, then you need this pack! These tassles are flexi and move with you. Win that BEST IN WHATEVER contest with my favorite new skimpy set!!

"BUCKLED" Is the perfect set if you wanna be a little sexy and a little sweet. It comes with the buckle belted top, glitch pants & Flexi Skirt. the prim belt is color change by a touch menu system! I boxed the tops with 4 extra tops to make 14 in a pack alone for those who wish to just get the tops!! Value & Quality is what you'll always find @ Awesome Isle!

This is just one of a few bra & panty sets I made at low prices for all colors. They are no transfer because if this but YOU get a great price!

At Awesome Designs I dont want any violence or BS in my store. Liars, Griefers, Group Spammers, and jerks will be banned. You just would not believe all of the crap that I hear about and find out about. It sucks to have to be the b**** sometimes. Many times I find that if Im nice to someone they try to take advantage or LIE to me about stuff. Its just wrong and when I get fed up its over...

On a happy note lol ... Be sure to check out the new dollar section while you are here at Awesome Designs!! As always please message me or send me an offline notecard should you need anything at all!!

In the works...More miniskirts, lingerie, and long elegant dresses!! All coming to an Awesome Store near you!!

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