Monday, October 22, 2007

Awesome Elegance "ANGEL" New @ Awesome Designs!

Halloween and the Autumn season comes only once a year and during this time I find myself loving the fall colors of orange, deep reds, & green. While orange and green may not be everyones favorite, they certainly are the favorite of many. I enjoyed making and wearing this dress so much that when I went to color it I couldn't stop at 8 colors and I made 14! EVERY color is somebody's favorite color! I try to always remember that when I make clothing. This dress has lovely movement when you walk across the room or dance in his arms. There are 2 gowns included, each with a varied fullness. This dress is $300L and can be bought in singles, 50% off the Super Pack, or a discounted Sweet, Saucy, Autumn, Or Red/Black Duo Pack (Shown Below). Also I have no problem making you a special pack at the pack price. Say you really just want the peach and blue for the price of the Duo Pack...Just write this info on a notecard and send it to me (Include your name, How many, What Colors). My favorites for this set are the Deep Red, Green, Mocha, & Eggplant. I love them all though! More Elegance to come from Awesome Designs this coming week!! Thank you for reading :)

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