Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Awesome Updates: Awesome Body and the 2008 Clothing Fair

I have a stable internet connection now thanks to a little machine called a regulator (Stabilize the power to my DSL box) and help from my husbands family tracking one down for sale. I am now making the skins in SecondLife and have them completely done in Photoshop. From there I will do the posters and organize and box them up. I have no idea how long this will take but I am hoping 5-6 days.

I hope you all take time to attend this year's clothing fair that is in the works for March 17th - 23rd. It is going to be way, WAY bigger than last year and I'll be there hanging out and meeting fashionable ladies and other designers as much as possible. With the move from the USA, It's left me little time to prepare but I have lots of colorful and fabulous fashions in mind and some AWESOME free gifts too (More to come...)
I had a blast last year and was totally surprised when I won for Best Designer (Thank you for your votes!) The Clothing Fair is raising $$ For Relay For Life and at least one NEW and DISCOUNTED item I have on display will benefit the RFL! Pick it up for yourself or a loved one and feel great doing it. (Pics to follow soon)!

When I still worked as a registered nurse, I worked on an oncology floor that was also general medical. After a year I got chemotherapy certified and learned a lot more about all aspects of cancer. Our floor took the patients who were too ill to have outpatient chemo, the ones that were ill from their chemo, and the ones who were coming back to us to die in comfort. Some people went home and we didnt see them again and that was a good thing! Some came back many times for chemo, radiation, infections and low blood counts from their chemo. We got to know them on a very personal level and love them too. It was so very sad to see someone fight with everything they had and lose their battle. I still remember so many of them, the ones that touched my heart. I remember their will, their smiles, their tears, and how much it hurt to see them lose their battle. It was never fair, deserved, or understood - why them, why now.

One woman who was in her young 30's had kids and was a cristian who believed god would cure her cancer with prayer. She had lung cancer - she never smoked like many. She had waited until the cancer was so bad to begin chemo. I had her all weekend and she had started to breath a little better and I hoped she'd continue. She had the sweetest smile and her room was decorated by her family with quilts, cards, & balloons. Her room was overflowing with love and hope. I was glad when I seen her on my printout the next week because she was such a joy to care for and then I seen highlighted that my sweet lady needed to go to the morgue. I went in to look at her and hold her hand one last time, she was yellow and cold but to this day I remember she had a smile on her face. Her teenage kids would never see her again nor her husband. I know in my heart that she was so good that god had other plans for her. This is the only way I can try to understand why she left this world too soon.

As sad as this story is, it is only one of too many that I have seen first hand. There are so many survivors that have research to thank for their life. You probably know someone who has been touched by cancer. Please come to the Clothing Fair and show your support :)
If I hadn't hurt my back and neck permanently almost 3 years ago in a car accident, I wouldn't have found SL. Everyday I miss making that difference. RFL and the Clothing Fair bring artist together to make a difference for a much needed cause. This is an AWESOME opportunity to be involved and have a lot of fun!

2008 Clothing Fair


Anonymous said...
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Portia Rossini said...

Hello Julia! Glad you're back, and I can't wait for the clothing fair. I'll be for a good cause.

-P <3

AmySue said...

YAY! So excited about the RFL clothing fair! So many people getting together for such a good cause. Congrats on winning Best Designer last year (not like I'm surprised) Wanna be just like Julia when I grow up ;) You're AWESOME hun!