Sunday, March 16, 2008

The RFL 2008 Clothing Fair Updates!

WOW - Only $100L Each Dress. Petals has sculpted Prim Sleeves and a sculpted flower for your hair. You will get the Long gown, Short Mini, and Long Fitted Dress. I'm pretty sure you will love as I do! Be sure to get it at the fair for this limited time price!

Like last year, I am coming to the fair with gifts for everyone! The three animal print mini dresses with fur trim and hose are NEW & FREE - for a limited time. I also hope to have a raffle or two or three ;) during the fair!!

Please come to the fair to pick this up!! the fair starts tomorrow 10am SL time (Monday, March 17th).
Last but certainly not least, the Awesome body Skin Line preview above is a small sample of the gorgeous makeup with the new skin - soon to be released! More info to come very soon!!



Anonymous said...

Oh Julia! I haven't talk to you in a while, hopefully you won't be too busy to have a chat soon! I love the free gifts. I just wish I can actually get to the fair and see everything.. -.-

Sighs Haha!

-Portia <3

Julia Soothsayer said...

Thank you Portia, I'm so glad that you like the gifts from the fair! Get over there today as it's the last day :/ I have been busy making the skina nd am working on the chocolate skin tone (Making them in SL) Today and hope to start doing poster work later on today. This took so much longer than I thought to get done :) But worth the wait I'm sure!