Sunday, June 17, 2007

Store Cards Are here + New Fashions!!

The New Awesome Designs Store Cards are finally here! I held off for so long because Awesome Isle is on a class 4 server and was afraid I would kill the place with lag if I added too many scripts. They are very low lag scripts but do add up if you have hundreds of items as I do. This is the reason I have temporarily removed the Demo Shoes and have also removed the camping spaces. The camper spaces though I only had 4 were High on lag. Im going to add the demo's back soon and see if they add horrid lag. I can't upgrade to a class 5 server until they have a class 6 LOL ... WHATEVER! But the Store Cards I will use for sales and member gift certificate raffles. They will be more valuable then the old gift certificates because you can use them right then and there! Thanks to Escort Defarge who created the TMC system!The new Store Cards are on sale until Monday Night!

I wish I was faster at making my designs because...I have sooo many ideas and so little time! Since the last update there have been several new fashions released that Im loving and hope you do too!

These "Chic" Tops are new as of today. The Top is worn on the jacket layer because it is longer and Cut just right to show off your curves! The camisoles are matching and can be bought together with the tops or separate with matching panties. I love options when Im out shopping and you find that here!

The Executive Collections I worked on for three days! Those three days was agony LOL but the end product is a classy, versatile collection that is a business wardrobe that you can wear over and over without looking the same everyday!

I walk a trail in a big park with my 4 year old daughter Lily often and now that it's warm we stop by to smell the roses in the flower garden on our last lap always! There are many roses in all different colors and we stop at each one to breath in the sweet smell of summer. These days inspired my "Soft Petals" Sets which come in the three color combos shown below and can be worn with or without the flexi Dress And have the optional waste tie. I love belts and satin ribbons decorating the body. This set also goes over well at the office and can be worn for a lighter business look! Enjoy this set, I know I do!

The Sweet Dreamer Sets...named so as I thought of of this look while drifting into slumber land is extremely popular already and was actually the easiest and most fun set Ive done in quite a while! When I say easy, I mean there were no snags from start to finish which is rare! I have these in the mob vendors...go ahead...mob me!!

"Del Sol" Meaning of the sun in Spanish, is the name of my new Bikini Line that has Mini Skirts for a little extra fun in the sun! If I had to pick a favorits, it would be the Moo-licious...Don't ask me why because I just don't know. I love the way black and white contrast each other I suppose but you may notice guys asking you if you "GOT MILK" To which I am Udderly amazed at the pick up lines these guys think of and how many use the same line!

The Bunny sure is SeXXXy in the "Player"Pack. This set is great for Sexy Girls because it comes with so much that you can take some off...and still be awesomely decorated!

The Forbidden Sets I have to say are Naughty Naughty! If you dress ultra sexy and revealing than this set is for you! It comes with the pasties and camisoles, The Satin top that only covers one breast, the pants and the prim belts! I combined these into sweet, saucy, and super packs and also made the belts, camisoles, and pants into separates. I Love how the defiant sweaters looked with these pants and camisoles so I boxed them up into a pack as well! I hope you enjoy this set as much as I do!!
Can it be that this is my biggest update?? Im sure it is and Ive never gone so long without updating. The hours I spend setting up mall space and paying rent has taken a huge toll on my time. Hopefully the remodeling of the store and island and implementation of the Store Cards will save me some time in the future! Ill get back now...back to creating lovely things for you to wear!!

Peace out - Julia


CreditOwner said...

Cool.. I suppose they are mostly for guys because of beautiful girls on and where are for girls and women?

Tyson said...

I wouldn't mind having a credit card like that... Or a girl like that...