Saturday, June 30, 2007

This Week @ Awesome Designs!

Hello Awesome Fans & members! Thanks for coming here to read about whats new @ Awesome Designs! This week I started by creating the new Eye-Candy Contacts. They are 100% hand drawn and come in Regular vibrants in 19 colors, Sparkle contacts with prim sparkle that is optional, Rockstar, Cash, & PlayBunny! These all sell for $25L each and can be purchased as packs for 50% off! I hope everyone likes them, I sure do :)

I also wanted to do more Mani & Pedi Sets so I started from scratch and created way more then the old collection! Come in and take a look, they sell for $50L each the same as before. The pack has 49 sets for $500L! This is a huge value and there are zebra, tiger, stripes & swirls, & french tips of course!

I topped off this week with a new set that rocks called "Wild Nights" Sets usually do not turn out like I originally plan. The textures I make, the music I'm listening to can totally change my plan! This turned out better and can be worn as a simple strapless mid length party dress or you can punk it out with accessories that are all included in the packs! I'm an eighties kid and you can see my imagination go wild in this fun set! $250l each (10 pieces) $500L for the sweet & saucy packs, or get them all for $900L in the Super pack. Available now at the entrance of the store! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please contact me @ or leave a message here or in world should you have questions or need help!!

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