Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanks to you!

Awesome Designs won #1 place at the 2007 Merovingi Clothing fair. Yay. I really cried buckets too! I totally didnt think Awesome would win, not because it isn't awesome lol but because there are so so many great designers who were there who were just as worthy. RL artist that that I admire were there and a few were missing from the fair too. I also managed to find some new people who kick butt with their hot styles. The fair rocked and was so well organized and beautifully decorated too! Im so thrilled with the title and I hope to continue with Awesome Designs for a long time! It was totally unexpected as you can see from my totally casual outift!

"It's So Pink" I over hear that a lot when Im in my store! I love love love pink. I love how it makes me feel, I love that it's delicate and feminine, and I really love how pink always wins when I pick out something to wear!

I created some cool free gifts for the fair and have a few fashion updates! The newest set "Risky" Is KICK ASS...Awesome Designs Group Members are recieving the Raisin Color as a gift of appreciation for supporting the store. Thank you. The "Masterpiece" Dress makes me feel like a princess! Where's My Tiara?? Thank you Storm Babeli from Purple Rose! Just in time :) I love her Tinsel Town Set too. I wear it all the time!

"Risky" Definetely! Shock them with this vibrant, bold look!

Like any great MASTERPIECE it leaves you speechless for a moment. This dress makes me feel like a princess, you will too! You can also wear this with a fitted long dress that is cut high on one leg. This set is a sensual, timeless work of art.

There are some new Capri's & Tops for some casual comfort while looking totally hot!!
My sunflower sets come with the sunflower tattoos that were drawn by me and some silver accessories to complete the look!!

Im not sure whats on the agenda next, Ive got lots of sketched designs on Sticky notes here on my to do list!!
As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! See you in SL :)


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