Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fair Is Coming To Town!

When: March 16th-22nd
Why: Relay For Life Annual Clothing Fair
Who: Close to 200 Top Clothing Designers
Wow: All have a Special Item(s) going 100% to the cause!

This is my donation for the Relay For Life Clothing Fair 2009. The brand NEW "HOPE" outfits come complete with 3 looks in one including matching Heels! The boxes are only $100L and are transferable for gift giving. Get them while you can for this special low price!

You can find Awesome Designs on Sim #4. You won't be able to TP in and get this until March 16th. So mark your calendars!

Landmark (SLURL) to Sim #4

I soooo wanted to have more new items to display at the fair...but as I keep telling everyone, I have this little bundle of joy who is 11 weeks old and I cuddle, kiss, and hold him most of the day and work in between his naps. I spent a few days on the Hope set and it turned out so lovely. My main goal was to create at least ONE outfit that was elegant and lovely for the RFL charity. I am now decorating the Awesome Booth and will announce later on what freebie you can pick up at my booth when the fair opens!

Don't miss the fair!!! It's going to be amazing :)

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs

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