Friday, December 5, 2008

NEW Christmas 2008 Seasonal Fashion Releases!

Awesome Designs has 3 NEW Holiday Outfits for 2008 and they are being released today finally!

You can TP by clicking the SLURL below or Click on the pics to be taken to my XSTREET SL listing for each for your convenience!

There are also OnRez Links Below the pictures!

SLURL to Awesome Designs In World

It has been especially hard getting my designs finished with 4 kids and one due to be born in less than 2 weeks. I'm so excited, my first Christmas baby! It's a boy and we are naming him Alexander Diego and he should be born between the 16th and 20th and probably by cesarean because he is very large due to my gestational diabetes and the fact that all my babies are just BIG anyway! I'll be sure to update when I have the baby and send out a picture too :)

I have been tucking aside a couple of Christmas gifts that I will announce when it is closer to Christmas - I love the holidays!

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs


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