Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Awesome Releases, Sale, Gifts, New New NEW!!

Awesome Designs SLURL

*I have the sexiest jeans ever in shorts, capri and full length with sculpted parts and new color block tank tops with optional perky shading.

*To thank you all, I made a special color block tank that is gray and black and it is FREE with the other color block tanks in the separates section of Awesome Designs.

*New Release - Diamond Studded Ankle Boots - Only $125L

*All Full Sets - Everything Blue is discounted to $50 or $75L - Red Sticker
(Can you find the free one? (Hint: check mate))

Quarter and Dime Store with lots of $25L Quality Sets!!

~*~Raffle, 6 Lucky Chairs, mob vendors, free samples of full outfits, money tree, gift orb every 10 minutes!

The Awesome Designs Main Store location is newly remodeled with a little shopping center that is filling up with wonderful, quality clothing, tattoos, jewelry, and hair! Use the TELEPORTER to get there and get your shop on!!

TP to Awesome Designs NOW!!

Julia Soothsayer
Making Women Look AWESOME since 2006 !!

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