Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Designer Clothing Gift Hunt @ Awesome Designs!!

May 17-21st

A little fun to add to your week!

Bring your friends and hunt for the pink gift boxes all over the store, high and low.
There are 5 in MAIN STORE and some in the shopping center.

The only clues are:

#1- Welcome - Look up with your Awesome Eyes?
#2- Have a seat, relax a while, enjoy the sweet hues.
#3- Information is so endless.
#4 - You are so Divine in that tank top.
#5 - Lovely Day to go to the mall for some socks.
#6 - An evening at the beach brings moonlit sand

The Most Awesome Shopping Center Participants:

*Wilson's Designs For Men
*One hidden by Julia somewhere in one of the shops


Good Luck finding them all!

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designer

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