Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Awesome Designs New Release & Info :)

Hi ladies!!

I have been giving Awesome Designs a little face life and it's close to being done. Come and check it out!! I decided to turn the dollar store into a discount store and now all of the stuff I clearanced last week is there for $25L or less.

Also there has been a little bit of rearranging so please check out the teleporter if you are lost looking for something but, not a lot was moved.

I have some new nails (Finger and Toe) and they are really pretty and shiny. These nails are different than the old pack and I feel better a better deal. All new colors (plus most of the old ones) and you not only get black tip, but white tips and solid color too. The pack is the same as the old pack ($500L) but you get so much more - or just pick out some essential colors in singles if you wish.

Awesome Designs has also invited a few friends to have a shop here and I will let you know when my girls move in! Look forward to having Tattoos, Jewelry, and Menswear and more here for your shopping pleasure!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for being a member!

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designer

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