Friday, February 12, 2010

New $25L Items & Valentine Sale + Free Gifts!

*New sale items today at Awesome Designs are just out and ready for you. The ALL Tied Up Tops (Nipple shaded version) and the Leather Lowrider Pants are just $25L each color. The pants say no transfer on the box but they are now transfer & mod (they were NT because they are made on all layers). Also pick up the Sleek Heels 34 Pack of shoes for just $250L (75% Off). These shoes are a big seller in my store and now is a great time to get them. Be sure you don't miss these sales and gifts!

Half Off Valentines Day Stuff + Free Tank Tops!

Want to open an Awesome Designs Franchise?

The package is on sale for $99L in the Awesome Designs Landing Area!

Or Grab it on Xstreet!

I also have my gift orb randomly giving out the heartbreaker sets every 15 minutes Until Valentines Day! If you are the only one in the store, you wll win! Odds are great to win if you hang out a while :)


(There is time to get in on this weeks raffle if you join before 5 & 6pm SLT)
The Daily and Weekly Raffles are going and in the landing area. You can win a $250L or $1000L Store Card just for clicking the ball. Be sure to enter everyday! Check out the Lucky Chairs, Mob Vends, Free Samples, and gift orb while you are here!


Have a great week & thank you all for being AWESOME!

Julia Soothsayer
Awesome Designs
Making women look AWESOME since 2006!


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