Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Awesome Designs Update!

There he is, Mr. Alexander in the swing a t my son's 16th birthday. Miss Lily is behind him - don't look too close LOL as she got FILTHY playing in the sandbox that day! Alex is now 6 months old and he just started crawling on the 4th of July. He is having fun these days watching cartoons and eating crackers and Pureed people food - which has been giving me a break so that I can work more! He sure has grown since December, hasn't he?

Fashion Update: I made some really sexy Swim or Dance Wear a couple of days ago that include nipple options and a thong backside. Don't wear these to meet your man's mom LOL! I absolutely love the Deep Sage color - I think I'll be making more of it along with some other new fabulous colors! They are located in the separates area @ Awesome Isle.

I realized that I never blogged the blissful sets which were a variation of the blissful done for the limited edition color done for the Fashion Expo. There are several other color variations that you can pick up. They are located in Complete Sets.

Remember there is a DAILY and WEEKLY raffle @ Awesome Isle for group members. You NEED to get in on that action!! I am working on some Tanks, Sweaters, Skirts as we speak so look for these coming to the store this week! Have a good one!! Julia :)

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