Friday, July 10, 2009

Awesome Designs Fashion Update, Sale!

Awesome Designs to the weekend rescue! New Release, Sale, and Raffles!

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But First...How about some cute baby pictures?

Those are my two sons - 15 years apart and equally handsome! We are in Guatemala visiting my kids father (my husband) His VISA was finally approved on June 15th. We still have some time to wait though because we have to do waivers. Our problem started back when Pete was a baby and we missed an immigration court date due to ohio snow. They would not give us a chance and they would not reopen his case until he went back to his own country. Well he finally went and the wait has been hard on our family, but we are still together and there is an end in site!

I am not sure how long we are staying. I planned on staying until we could go back all together but a few days after I got here, my son's doctor called and said his Right leg tumor has regrown to 7cm and he needs it removed. he had a large one taken out in August of 2007 and I knew they are aggressive and rarely cancerous but, I had hoped it would not regrow. The problem is risk for another pathological fracture from the tumor weakening the bone. I am not sure how or when I am gonna go home now. My husband is very sad that we are going to have to leave him again but, also thankful for this time we have together. We are enjoying the cheap produce and the hot water we have this time, but NOT the fleas lol! It's the rainy season right now and the fog is so pretty, we are often just right below the clouds because we live up in the mountainside. We don't have a car, so we walk everywhere for now and can't go far. I'd like to visit Solola and the beach before we return home and maybe some Mayan ruins if we can borrow a car.

Rooftop view of Almolonga

My daughter Lily in traditional traje, all the women here wear these handmade weaved styles. this is an indigenous village where the women carry stuff on their heads.


Oh this is my favorite thing in my store right now, it is "Dormitory Doll" this set got it's name because it is youthful, casual, comfortable, sexy, and affordable with 12+ pieces in each box! the Bubblegum / Peachy is my favorite color in the bunch - there are 6 variations to choose from (3 shown).

I KNOW how many of you girls LOVE my nipple tops and I have a NEW Ribbed Long Tank that comes with the nipple and non nipple version included for one cheap price. The pack is at an unbelievable discount and comes with the 35 colors of Awesome plus 9 exciting bonus colors!

These shorts are really cute and not too short if ya know what I mean! Find these separates in the separates area of Awesome Designs. Upon landing, follow the floor signs.

This is a very pretty color for this free gift - I have included the nipple version for your perky pleasure! Find it in the main entrance above the new 'Dormitory Doll' Sets.

Click this pic below for a larger view of the new releases.

Click this pic for a larger view of the sale items this week. Find these in the discount area of Awesome Designs Main Store.

Thank you so much for choosing Awesome Designs, I value your support and appreciate hearing from you about your favorite outfits!

My raffles give away a daily $250L store card at 6pm and a $1000L Store Card Fridays at 5pm. You can join the Awesome Designs Group and then touch the bright pink and purple balls in the landing area. There are winners daily and it could be you!

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Have a safe and fun weekend!


Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you for sharing a piece of your RL, you have lovely kids! And best wishes.

Julia Soothsayer said...

Hi Shelby, thank you so much. those are three of my 5. I can't get my 13 year old girls in pictures as easily as the others. RL has been so hard lately - well since 2007 and I have hopes for a happier future!