Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 2009 FREE Gift from Awesome Designs

In addition to the April Top Designers Hunt (Exclusively made gift), Awesome Designs has a monthly free gift as a sample of my work and quality. You can pick this up in the Main Entrance between the two NEW displays. When you TP in, follow the floor signs thru the main entrance where you will see the purple gift box sitting on the ground. This dress I named for my daughter Maria because I thought it was almost as beautiful as she is! It has 2 looks in one and comes in an array of colors in the Formal / Party Dress section of the store. You can also get more info on the Top Designers hunt when you TP in to find all of the 30+ exclusive designer gifts :)

**Julia is wearing **
Clothes: Awesome Designs Maria In Chocolate
Shoes: Awesome Designs Sleek Heels in Chocolate
Skin: Leona by Redgrave
Hair: !lamb. Breeze - Snickers
Jewelry: Purple Rose Pearls Diamond Clusters.

Awesome Designs SLURL

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miss dancer said...

Just wanna take a minute and thank you for such a pretty gift!