Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Pics of Awesome Baby Alex

Alex is 14 days old today and much less yellow and more pink like a newborn baby should be! He is a very good baby. He does not cry unless he is hungry. I guess After 5, I deserve to have a baby who is laid back and quiet! I just took this picture from the webcam of Alex, me, and my daughter Lily who is 6 and reading these words as I type them. I'd really like to get back to work, but this baby is literally - on the boob about 8 hours a day! I'm struggling with the breastfeeding trying to make enough milk for him. It is soooo not the easy way to feed a baby! One drop of breastmilk contains 1 million white blood cells - amazing huh? I will do this as long as I can. I just love my new son.

Lily & Alex (11 days old)

My oldest son Pete (Pedro) with Alex at birth. What a nice looking couple of men!!

Things are so busy, I really miss just working all day on my designs and being in SL. RL has to come first of course and being a mom is my first job.

Happy New Year Ladies


Shimon the Monkey =] said...

ohhhhh He is sooo cute.....
good luck =]

redrubydestiny said...

Oh your son is so beautiful.And how brave of your oldest to be there.I don't think mine would LOL and he is 16.I have 6 kids now and in sept will have 7.Us mommies with mulitpul gatta stick together lol Congrats on the new laid back bundle

PopFuzz said...

Aww so cute, big grats :)

Garbage Prototype said...

awwe adorable!! Congratulations on the newborn :D

Julia Soothsayer said...

Shimon, RedRuby, PopFuzz, and Garbage Prototype...THANK YOU for your compliments on my handsome little man and your congrats! It means a lot so thank you for making me smile today with your warm and sweet words!

Have a happy new year too,


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