Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fashion and Designing

You may have noticed the LACK of new fashions at Awesome Designs. I know I know... That's soooo NOT AWESOME! As I sit here with so many fantastic ideas, I am lacking the desire to get into photoshop and make them! I have this little ailment called...morning sickness, and it last 24 hours a day! I also think I'm still suffering some ailments to my tummy from food here in Guatemala despite two rounds of antibiotics in 3 weeks!

I will be heading back to the United States soon 3-4 weeks...I'll go back to my home state of Ohio with my 4 kids and one on the way :) My hubby won't be coming with me until his visa is approved but his case is looking good and we don't think it will be more than 6 months.

I should begin to perk up and feel better by 14 weeks pregnant, I really hope time flies! The past 2 weeks (7 & 8 Weeks) has hit me sooo hard! I seen the heartbeat on Monday and baby is 8 weeks gestation! The heartbeat being seen gives baby a 95% probability of being born, which is such a relief to this old lady here who had a hard time believing she was pregnant! Did I not remember this pain and suffering?? Well, like many of you, I know the end result is worth the suffering and the painful but joyous ending!

Thanks for reading gals,

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Miss Dancer said...

Get Well Soon, We miss your designs!